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Living well with Dementia: Assessing the impact of the Butterfly Care Home model on long-term care residents with dementia, family, and staff

Funder: Government of Alberta Innovation Fund

This project implemented and evaluated the impact of applying the Butterfly Household Model at four continuing care sites in Alberta that provide dementia care. Using qualitative interviews with family members, site staff, and external health professionals, the research component of this project sought to understand:

  1. how staff, health professionals, and families have experienced the BCHM culture change in Alberta;
  2. how the Butterfly Model has impacted family perceptions of residents’ care and quality of life, as well as perceptions of their own well-being, sense of self, and their relationship with their loved-one living with dementia; and
  3. how the model has impacted perceptions of staff and health professionals as to their own well-being, sense of self, and relationship to dementia care residents.

Other project information

Project director
  • Lifestyle Options Whitemud

Lead researcher
  • Dr. Erika Goble
    Manager of Research,
    Research Office,
    NorQuest College

Project team
  • Anna Zadunayski
    Analyst, Research Office,
    NorQuest College

  • Jennifer Maguabat-Chan
    ​​Lifestyle Options Whitemud