NorQuest College’s Supply Chain PLAR program helps student continue their career in Canada

March 8, 2024

NorQuest College’s Supply Chain PLAR program helps student continue their career in Canada

Originally from Lagos, Nigeria, Olusegun Adebiyi holds a Bachelor's in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and a Master's in Business Administration. In Lagos, he had a thriving career in Supply Chain Operations and worked in project coordination and procurement roles. But when he journeyed to Canada, he needed to find a way to continue his supply chain career—preferably without having to redo his education.

NorQuest College’s Prior Learning Assessment Recognition (PLAR) program for Supply Chain recognizes the past experiences students gained while working in the industry. Students can assess their skills and knowledge in certain areas, such as procurement, transportation, operations management, and warehousing.

When a student successfully completes an assessment, they are awarded a badge that lets employers know they have the appropriate knowledge and skills in that area. Students will also have the opportunity to work with a career coach when they complete the assessments to find a work placement and gain real-world Canadian work experience. In addition, students will receive a one-year membership to Supply Chain Canada.

When Olusegun discovered this program, he realized there was a pathway to continue his career without having to take a full program. Not only did this save him time, but it also saved him costs in tuition and fees, since the Supply Chain PLAR program is fully funded by the Government of Alberta.

When asked what drew him to this program, Olusegun says, “The program is targeted towards immigrants and assesses their qualifications. This is needed for an easy infusion into the Canadian workforce.”

But it wasn’t only the program itself that drew Olusegun to NorQuest College. When asked why he chose NorQuest, he answered, “The institution's steadfast commitment to Diversity and Inclusion holds particular significance for me, influencing my decision to engage in this program. Additionally, the conducive and comfortable learning environment further solidifies NorQuest College as a preferred choice.”

Olusegun has recently completed the work-integrated learning (WIL) component of the Supply Chain PLAR program. He had this to say about his experience, “The WIL experience brings a level of confidence that your skills are relevant, and it takes away the fear that you might have working in the Canadian workplace. The exposure gives an advantage to the student and will make integration into the workplace easy.”

We are beyond thrilled that Olusegun had a positive experience in the Supply Chain PLAR program and that he can continue his career in Canada. He is confident that he will find a job in his field, and we can’t wait to see all that he accomplishes.

If you are interested in the program, please visit the program page and submit an application. There is no fee to apply! If you have a question about the program, please email