Creating a safer college community for all with the new Safe Disclosure Office

June 29, 2023

Creating a safer college community for all with the new Safe Disclosure Office

When you’ve witnessed improper activity and wrongdoing or have experienced it yourself, it can be difficult to know how to respond or what to do next. While NorQuest has always had safe disclosure channels in place for employees, these paths to safe disclosure may not always be widely known, simple, secure, or as accessible as they could be. NorQuest wants to change that and take safe disclosure one step further by creating the new Safe Disclosure Office (SDO) as a confidential, neutral resource to serve all members of the community.

“When you experience or witness wrongdoing or improper activity, it can quickly become stressful and anxiety-inducing,” explains Nadira Barre, Director of Equity. “The whole experience can leave you feeling very unsafe and unsure of what to do next. With the new Safe Disclosure Office, our NorQuest community can always come to us as their first step.”

A central point of contact for safe disclosure

The SDO is a central point of contact for anyone that wishes to safely, confidentially, and anonymously disclose wrongdoing and improper activity. It is built around transparency and agency as they place the control and decision-making power firmly in the hands of those they serve. SDO advisors provide community members with information on how to navigate the college’s processes and procedures as well as how to access the right resources to achieve an acceptable outcome.

“Our role is to share information about every available choice and path forward so that people feel prepared to make a decision on what they want to do next, and they understand what steps they need to take to get there,” explains Jacky Rivas, Safe Disclosure Advisor. “They could also choose not to proceed at all and have the incident documented with no further action taken.” By providing access to information and giving guidance on next steps, the SDO helps community members make informed decisions that fit their unique needs. The same degree of support will be offered to the individual against whom the disclosure is made.

In addition to services for those needing support in disclosing an incident, the SDO documents and identifies systemic barriers and trends, and creates safer avenues for all types of disclosure. The issues and concerns received by the new Safe Disclosure Office will inform the equitable measures, policies, and procedures that the Equity Team, the second branch within the new Office of Equity, builds and implements throughout the college.

Office opening in the fall

Currently, disclosures to the SDO can be made virtually by appointment. In the fall of 2023, in-person services will also be available in Centre 106, Rooms E-214 and E-216. Once open, there will be many ways to connect with the Safe Disclosure Office including:  

  • virtually 
  • in-person 
  • over the phone 
  • email 
  • mail 
  • online disclosure form 

“For anyone looking to voice a concern, receive advice, or simply feel heard with no intention of pursuing the matter, they should never hesitate to contact the Safe Disclosure Office,” explains Jacky Rivas. Even if the wrongdoing or the improper activity didn’t recently take place, it should still be reported to the college’s new disclosure services. The Safe Disclosure Office is there to serve the community – they are there to serve you.

Looking to disclosure wrongdoing or improper activity? Make an appointment to speak with an advisor virtually at

Your personal information and reasons for reaching out will remain confidential except where required by law or where there is a risk of significant harm to anyone’s health or safety.