A spectacular celebration of multiculturalism and diversity

March 24, 2023

A spectacular celebration of multiculturalism and diversity

On March 10, the NorQuest College atrium was packed with students, faculty, and members of our community in what may have been the biggest display of multiculturalism seen this academic year. The Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) once again gave NorQuest students, faculty, and staff members a platform to both share their own cultures and to experience those of others. The LINC Multicultural Festival was a spectacular celebration of diversity and inclusion – one that certainly won’t be forgotten any time soon. As described by Tabitha Gillman, LINC Instructor, the event was truly “a sensory feast!”

The festival began with musical performances including a Chinese Blossom Drum Song and live music sung by students in Spanish, Ukranian, and Ethiopian. After every performance, cheers and applause erupted and echoed throughout the hallways of the building. The energy was magnetic, pulling in those nearby to join in on the celebrations. Around the atrium, there were cultural displays from regions across the world and a large map on which NorQuest students were invited to mark their country of origin. The highlight of the festival was the colourful, vibrant fashion show with students modeling traditional garments from China, Ukraine, Congo, India, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Morocco. The audience was also treated to cultural dances from Ukraine, Sudan, Somalia, West Africa, and Eritrea.

It was an inspiring way to celebrate and recognize just some of the diversity and multiculturalism of our college community. There is no doubt that the event resonated strongly with students. “Diversity is as beautiful as the different colors in the rainbow,” expressed Navjot Kaur, Settlement Studies student.

The festival is one of many ways that LINC has fostered a safe and welcoming environment for newcomers. These initiatives are crucial in helping newcomers forge meaningful connections and friendships. Celebrating diversity and supporting newcomers to Canada is an ongoing effort and LINC continues to reach new heights in achieving this objective. The Multicultural Festival is one of many initiatives at NorQuest that creates a sense of belonging and community at the college. It provides newcomers with a platform to share their culture and identity while guiding their successful integration into their new home.

Group of people dressed in a variety of different traditional clothing

A wide shot of Atrium with a large group of people attending LINCFest