NorQuest grows its downtown space to meet learner demand

October 30, 2023

EDMONTON – NorQuest College has secured new leased space at 10830 Jasper Avenue to help support its continued growth through the end of the decade. The leased space, located just one block from NorQuest’s downtown campus, will be home to a combination of classrooms, study spaces and open workspaces when complete in January 2025.

“NorQuest is not just the largest comprehensive college in Alberta— we are also one of the fastest growing post-secondary institutions in the province,” says Carolyn Campbell, President and CEO, NorQuest College. “Students look to NorQuest for workforce education, and we know that to meet learner and labour demands, our programs will require additional space. Our college is a hub for learners, business leaders, and community partners and a key driver of economic growth. This new space is another step towards our goal of ensuring all learners continue to grow and flourish at NorQuest.” 

The leased space, which comprises approximately 5,860 sq meters of LEED Gold-certified space across three floors, is still less than 15 per cent of the new space NorQuest anticipates it will require by 2030. This remarkable trajectory of growth is supported by NorQuest's recently-released Campus Master Plan, which outlines a sensible and achievable approach to grow the physical campus to accommodate higher staff, faculty, and learner loads, and contribute to a vibrant downtown education district. NorQuest’s lease represents part of the leasing strategy outlined in the plan. 

“This is truly a feel-good story for Edmonton's downtown office market,” says Todd Walker, a principal partner at Cresa, who represented NorQuest in the acquisition. “NorQuest College has been a key stakeholder in the vibrancy of downtown and will continue to contribute to its success for many years to come.”  

Upon completion in January 2025, the new space is expected to accommodate 24 classrooms, in addition to office space and student social and activity space. The lease helps to resolve the near term need for more space and represents a bridging strategy to the completion of net-new, college-owned space that will accommodate NorQuest's anticipated rapid growth. 


About NorQuest College 

NorQuest College is Edmonton’s comprehensive community college serving students throughout the province with full-time, part-time, online, and face-to-face learning options. NorQuest helps learners with diverse educational backgrounds complete or further their studies through foundational programs. Our post-secondary diploma and certificate programs and continuing education options offer rewarding career paths in health, community studies, business, environment, technology, hospitality, and diversity and inclusion training. Our suite of customized and corporate training options ensures organizations and their workforces are prepared for the demands of the future. By collaborating with business, industry, government, and communities, we ensure our learners receive workforce relevant, inclusive, and transformative educational experiences. 

Mike Reeves 

Media Relations Consultant
NorQuest College