First-Of-Its-Kind Métis Student Centre Opens at NorQuest

November 9, 2023

EDMONTON – The Rupertsland Institute (RLI) and NorQuest College have partnered to launch a first-of-its-kind hub in Canada for Métis students in the Edmonton area.

The Rupertsland Métis Student Centre located on NorQuest’s campus in downtown Edmonton, will deliver culturally specific services and supports to boost the numbers of successful Métis graduates of post-secondary education and offer opportunities for all to engage with Métis culture.

“Rupertsland Institute is extremely proud of the fact that this is a student-led initiative,” said Lisa Savill, Director of Metis Education and Post-Secondary Initiatives at the RLI. “The centre concept, the interior design and the exterior graphics have all been created by current and former students. In the creation of this space, the team at RLI worked hard to create a space not only for our Métis students but for all students to come and engage with Métis culture and community.”

Services available to Métis students at the centre will include access to METI-S (Métis Education Training Information Services) Advisors, Métis student resources, and additional financial supports to ensure post-secondary success. Non-Métis students can use the centre as a quiet study space and to learn more about Métis culture through the various resources available in the centre.

The centre was officially unveiled on November 9 in a special ceremony. Attendees, including representatives from the two organizations and from the new Otipemisiwak Métis Government (previously known as the Métis Nation of Alberta), celebrated the launch of the centre with cultural entertainment, cupcakes, and a tour of the services it offers to Métis students

A testament to the success of Métis students

“We know that to have the greatest impact, we need to find new ways to engage our communities, our partners, and our learners,” said Carolyn Campbell, President and CEO of NorQuest College. “The Rupertsland Métis Student Centre is symbol of how we, along with partners like the Rupertsland Institute, will continue to positively impact our place and our community and ensure the success of learners.”

While the centre will be located on NorQuest’s campus, the services will be available for Métis students attending any post-secondary school in the region.

Those interested in accessing the services of the Rupertsland Métis Student Centre or in learning more about Métis culture are invited to visit the centre in SCFL room 1-090 at NorQuest College between 8:30 am – 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

METI-S Advisors will be available periodically to assist students.

About NorQuest College

NorQuest College is Edmonton’s comprehensive community college serving students throughout the province with full-time, part-time, online, and face-to-face learning options. NorQuest helps learners with diverse educational backgrounds complete or further their studies through foundational programs. Our post-secondary diploma and certificate programs and continuing education options offer rewarding career paths in health, community studies, business, environment, technology, hospitality, and diversity and inclusion training. Our suite of customized and corporate training options ensures organizations and their workforces are prepared for the demands of the future. By collaborating with business, industry, government, and communities, we ensure our learners receive workforce relevant, inclusive, and transformative educational experiences.

About Rupertsland Institute: Métis Centre of Excellence

Established as an affiliate of the Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA), the Rupertsland Institute (RLI) Métis Centre of Excellence was incorporated as a Section 9 company under the Alberta Companies Act on July 26, 2010, and holds the mandate for education, training, and research on behalf of the MNA. RLI’s vision is for a skilled, knowledgeable, and self-reliant Métis Nation and is integral to enhancing the self-sufficiency and well-being of Alberta Métis through quality education, training, and research.

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