Jobs, energy savings, and the green economy focus of new program at NorQuest

July 14, 2022

In the face of mounting utility bills, NorQuest College has launched a program to improve energy efficiency for homeowners and grow the pipeline of skilled labour for this growing sector of the economy. Best of all, thanks to funding from the Government of Canada, the program and certification are free to applicants.

Energy advisors conduct energy audits for homeowners and offer recommendations to save on energy consumption and costly energy bills. The 20-day NorQuest program prepares learners for the next step towards becoming a certified energy advisor—a career that’s full of possibilities. Upon completion of the program, participants will be prepared to write two certification exams required by Natural Resources Canada: The Energy Advisor Foundation Level Exam and Energy Advisor (House) Exam.

“Canada’s transition to a greener, more efficient economy means incredible opportunities for job seekers,” says Marian Gayed, Vice President of External Relations and Partnerships at NorQuest College. “This inclusive vision for employment will help graduate dozens of skilled energy advisors to outstanding careers making our homes greener and our economy more diversified.”

Career opportunities for all

NorQuest learners, and especially women and other equity-seeking groups, need to be ready as we look toward the green jobs of the future. This is why the Government of Canada funding will help provide access to tuition-free training for historically marginalized groups interested in a career for the green economy.

Employers, too, are eager for more skilled workers to enter the workforce.

“With the incredible popularity of the Greener Homes Grant Program and upcoming changes to the building code, there are an abundance of great opportunities in this field,” says Dave Turnbull, President and Lead Energy Advisor, Enerspec Consulting.

Those interested in learning more about the opportunities with this free program can visit our Energy Advisor page for additional information.

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Mike Reeves
Media Relations Consultant
NorQuest College