Academic Council

Academic Council brings together students, faculty, and administrators to exchange information and viewpoints on academic affairs.

Academic Council reviews documents, listens to presentations, and engages in productive discussion on academic matters with members of the college community including faculty, students, administrators, and alumni.

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Meeting schedule

Academic Council meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month from October to June.

Date Agenda Minutes
October 11, 2022    
November 8, 2022    
December 13, 2022    
January 10, 2023    
February 14, 2023    
March 14, 2023    
April 11, 2023    
May 9, 2023    
June 13, 2023    
Past meetings
Date Agenda Minutes
June 14, 2022 View View
May 10, 2022 View View
April 12, 2022    
March 8, 2022 View View
February 8, 2022 View View
October 12, 2021 View  
November 9, 2021 View View
December 14, 2021 View View
January 11, 2022 View View
June 8, 2021 View View
May 11, 2021 View View
April 13, 2021 View View
February 9, 2021 View View
January 12, 2021 View View
December 8, 2020 View View
November 10, 2020 View View
October 20, 2020 View View

Members for 2021-2022

Member Position
Leonce Rushubirwa Instructor (Chair)
Sandra Moore Dean, Faculty of Business, Environment and Technology (Acting Chair)
Norma Schneider Vice President, Academic
Tibetha Kimble Dean, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Corey Mushynsky Vice Dean, Faculty of Business, Environment and Technology
Dawn Witherspoon Manager, Curriculum Development
Saurabh Vashisht Manager, International Recruitment & Student Support
Marlene Phillips Associate Chair, Community Studies
Mayme Wong Instructor
Tanya Friesen Instructor
Deborah Funderburg Instructor
Brooklin Schneider Acting VP, Professional Affairs for NCFA
Greg Eklics Instructor
Karyn Nickerson Instructor
Diane Van der Gucht Instructor
Nicole Wong Instructor
Daniel Kazambu Student
Manna (Juhua) Liu Student
Japleen Kaur Punia Student
Reuka Janz Student
Leehoen Koo Student
Emmeline Marie Student
Four student vacancies  
Rebecca Bock-Freeman Senior Executive Associate, Office of the Vice President Academic (Council support)