Academic Council

Academic Council

Academic Council brings together students, faculty, and administrators to exchange information and viewpoints on academic affairs. Academic Council reviews documents, listens to presentations, and engages in productive discussion on academic matters with members of the college community (e.g. committees, departments, divisions, faculty, students, administrators, and alumni).

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Meeting Schedule

Academic Council meetings are scheduled for the second Tuesday of every month from October to June 2018.

Date Agenda Minutes
October 25, 2017 View View
November 14, 2017 meeting cancelled
December 12, 2017 View View
January 16, 2018 View View
February 13, 2018 View View
March 13, 2018 View View
April 10, 2018 View View
May 16, 2018 View View
June 12, 2018 View View
July 3, 2018   View
2016-17 Meetings
Date Agenda Minutes
September 13, 2016 View View
October 11, 2016 View View
November 8, 2016 View View
December 13, 2016 View View
January 10, 2017 View View
February 14, 2017 View  
March 14, 2017    
April 11, 2017 View View
May 9, 2017 View  
June 13, 2017    
Date Agenda Minutes
September 11, 2018 meeting cancelled
October 9, 2018 View View
November 13, 2018 View View
December 11, 2018 meeting cancelled
January 15, 2019 View View
January 23, 2019 View View
February 12, 2019 View View
March 12, 2019 View View
April 9, 2019 View View
May 14, 2019 View  
June 11, 2019 View  

Academic Council Members 2018-2019

Member Position
Jennifer Mah Associate Dean, Nursing
Norma Schneider VP Teaching & Learning and Chief Academic Officer
Bryan Shepherd Dean, Student Services and Registrar
Corey Mushynsky Associate Dean, Foundational, Career, and Intercultural Studies
Heather Kitteringham Dean, Academic Research and Development
Krista Perreault Manager, Student Recruitment
Andrea Outram Associate Chair, Pharmacy Technician
Angela Wilm Instructor
Barb Burdick Instructor
Brooklin Schneider Acting VP Professional Affairs
Jennifer Kerwin Instructor
Liz Fulton-Lyne Associate Chair, Library Instruction
Martha Urquhart Instructor
Ryan McKale Associate Chair, Academic Upgrading
Juhaua (Manna) Lui Student
Steve Chiazza Student
Jasraj Singh Bhalla Student
Amarajeet Sandhu (AJ) Student
Albert Nsapu Student
Kera Forbes Student
Cheyanne Huber Student
Jamila Davis Student
Conie Francis-Reynolds Student
Miriam Van Niejenhuis Student
Tamara Trudell Lead, Program Administration

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