Maximizing Opportunities

The NorQuest Campaign

Maximizing Opportunities—The NorQuest Campaign raised over $20 million to support students and build the Singhmar Centre for Learning, making a profound and direct difference in the lives of our students and positively affecting the communities where they live, work, and raise their families.


Building our country with the talent and excitement of new Canadians

NorQuest College is a leader in providing the skills and language training needed for internationally educated students to use their talents to benefit our communities and unlock their full potential.

Your contributions will ensure NorQuest will continue to be there to support their journey, eliminating language, intercultural, and communication barriers, and opening doors for people from all walks of life.

Empowering Indigenous peoples through education and opportunity

NorQuest is a college that not only respects the cultural significance and social impact of Canada’s Indigenous Peoples, we strive to provide them with meaningful training and workforce opportunities.

When we share Indigenous culture, history, and traditions and incorporate them into education, we improve access and outcomes for everyone.

Your contributions will ensure that we can continue this important work.

Teaching the skills for success in Alberta’s economy

NorQuest College sees and maximizes potential in students where many others see only barriers. We deliver education one student at a time, touching every corner of our community and strengthening the quality of life for all of us.

Our graduates power the front lines of health care, g energy and skills to businesses, and support vital community services. Your support ensures NorQuest can continue to meet the demands for skilled employees and be nimble in creating new career opportunities as our economy demands.

Enriching lives with the gift of education

NorQuest College's campuses are inclusive and welcoming to learners from all walks of life and cultures, all of them with a similar goal: to make a better life for themselves and their families.

Giving learners access to relevant and necessary education is a gift that will create a lasting legacy for you and for families who gain a higher quality of life. With your support, we will provide scholarships, bursaries, funding for further program developments, and expansion of services to support all students on their paths.

Transforming education in Edmonton

The Singhmar Centre for Learning is a transformational project for NorQuest College and our students. The demand for our programs and the attraction of our workforce-relevant and inclusive learning environment has never been higher. We need our facilities to meet these needs.

Help NorQuest continue to be the place where students from all backgrounds, experiences, and cultures can flourish. Together, we can build a strong province for future generations.

Your Impact

Your support creates a ripple effect—enabling more students to enrich their lives and in turn profoundly influence their families, community, and the future economy of our province.

Willy Poveda

NorQuest Academic Upgrading student Willy Poveda and his family.

Willy Poveda

Learning English was the goal; feeling at home was the result

New Canadian Willy Poveda can now talk to his neighbours, ask his local grocer which aisle the cereal is on, and order a meal without having to struggle to find the right words.

But despite leaps and bounds in his grasp of English thanks to NorQuest College’s Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) and its English as a Second Language (ESL) training, Poveda credits the programming for helping him learn so much more.

“What was such a great experience was that I started to learn about Canada,” says the 35-year-old Colombian national, who is now part of the Academic Upgrading program. “And not only that, but about things in Edmonton—the festivals, and about all the great things this city has to offer for newcomers. It wasn’t just about learning the language, it was about total integration.”

Poveda arrived in Edmonton from Columbia in 2011 via Montreal. His wife and two children came a year later; it was a scary time. He had a few friends, but the littlest of tasks like asking for directions created a lot of anxiety and feelings of loneliness.

“I heard from a friend who told me to look at NorQuest,” he says. “They said it was very helpful.”

It turned out to be life-changing.

“While I was there I felt so confident. The LINC teacher was always positive and told me that I had a higher than Level 3 understanding. She encouraged me and I moved to Level 5.”

From there, he moved on to the college’s ESL programming, spending one year learning the language in even greater detail. His days now are spent upgrading at NorQuest’s Edmonton Downtown Campus with plans to enter the college’s Pharmacy Technician program next year.

“I remember my first day at NorQuest. I was so afraid to talk. Now, I have learned so much and I am still learning and I am not afraid to talk to people. As a student, I know I can count on the teachers. But NorQuest is not only about the teachers. If you have troubles they have counsellors—people who can help you in many ways and that is so valuable, especially for people just coming to Canada. There is no judgement, just respect. You feel like the people there are your friends.”

ATB Financial invests in financial education at NorQuest College

Education at NorQuest College comes in all shapes and sizes. Besides academic instruction, the college is keen to supplement students’ practical education with a variety of life skills, health tips, and useful knowledge.

ATB Financial has been a valuable supporter of NorQuest College over the years, donating generously to the college’s fundraising campaigns. Their latest donation – which includes a gift to Maximizing Opportunities – The NorQuest Campaign and the creation of the ATB Financial Access Bursary for Indigenous Students – is not only an investment in the college, but a chance for ATB to learn from students. Sandra Huculak, Managing Director, Corporate Social Responsibility, Reputation and Brand for ATB, explains that ATB carefully considered a best approach to working with NorQuest.

“We wanted to seize the opportunity to work with NorQuest College for two big reasons,” says Huculak. “One was to share our financial experience with students, and the second was to learn from students. We want to know what challenges and issues students may face with their finances and assist as much as we can. NorQuest has a diverse student population, and so we know this will have benefits for both of us.” In recognition of their generous support and commitment to student learning, a student common area located on the second floor of the Singhmar Centre for Learning has been named the ATB Financial Student Study Lounge.

“ATB Financial’s thoughtful gift is really a win-win for everyone,” says Kevin Fitzgerald, Director of Advancement at NorQuest College. “Combined with the practical, workforce ready education our college prides itself in, we know that ATB will really help our students to further succeed in their goals.”

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Our Generous Friends

With our deep appreciation, NorQuest College recognizes the contributions of our many donors and friends. Your commitment to our students helps us achieve our mission and affects the lives of our students, their families, and our community.

NorQuest College gratefully acknowledges legacy donors—lifetime contributors of $250,000 and greater:

Dr. S. Ann Colbourne
Cougar Drilling
Edmonton Community Foundataion
Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation
Krishna & Radhe Gupta
Joyce Foundation
Steven & Day LePoole
Metis Nation of Alberta
RBC Foundation
Dr. Prem Singhmar & Dr. Saroj Singhmar
Students Association
2 anonymous donations

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