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Since 2010, 1000 Women donors have raised over $3.3 million to support removing financial obstacles, enabling NorQuest College students to pursue education and achieve their goals.

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1000 Women Access to Education

Donate to our current 1000 Women campaign and help ensure all individuals striving for improvement have the opportunity to access the education they need to achieve their goals.

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1000 Women Learner Access and Child Care Access Bursaries

The third campaign, completed in 2019, raised funds for the 1000 Women Learner Access Bursary and the 1000 Child Care Access Bursary.

1000 Women Child Care Centre

The second campaign, completed in 2016, raised the capital needed to build a daycare in NorQuest’s Singhmar Centre for Learning, as well as funds to establish a Child Care Access Bursary.

Million Possibilities Bursary

The first campaign, completed in 2012, created this emergency fund that helps students faced with unexpected expenses stay in school.

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Emergency Bursary

Students who have extenuating or emergency situations can seek assistance and receive an emergency funding application form in the Student Services Office, Room A125 in the Civic Employees Legacy Tower, Downtown Campus.

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Erin Babcock

Former NorQuest practical nurse student Erin Babcock in a 2013 1000 Women: A Million Possibilities promotional photo with her daughter.

Erin Babcock

Crossing the floor from health care to politics

Following graduation in 2013, NorQuest College practical nurse alumna Erin Babcock thought she was in the best position possible to help make a difference.

A nurse and a mother, she was providing for her children while at the same time being a source of care and comfort for patients at the Royal Alexandria Hospital.

That was until a dinner conversation in the winter of 2015. A remark from a friend resulted in her taking her responsibilities to an even higher level, going from frontline health care worker and mom, to provincial legislator and, of course, still a mother.

“It was just one of those supper conversations,” says the 35-year-old. “I was having guests over and a friend of mine who has been an NDP organizer for some time said to me, ‘Erin, I think you should run.’”

Thanks to that conversation, Babcock is now the NDP MLA for Stony Plain, presiding in a house where her expertise will be valuable and her decisions will affect the lives of millions of people.

“I have worked hard to become the very best nurse I could be,” she says. “And I have worked very hard to be a good mom. Now I feel I can advocate for our health care system and that means so much to me.”

Bianca Moyo

Bianca Moyo

Education saves lives

Imagine facing a life and death situation and not being able to communicate properly with the person providing your care.

NorQuest College practical nurse grad Bianca Moyo understands the importance of good intercultural communication skills. Growing up in Zimbabwe, where there are 16 official languages, you would think that her abilities to relate people’s needs and understand their concerns would come from her homeland—not entirely.

Now a full-time employee of the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital in Edmonton, Moyo graduated from NorQuest’s Practical Nurse program in 2009. It was the most diverse learning environment she had ever been part of.

“At NorQuest not only did I get an education, but it taught me to be world-ready and ready for the workplace. When I was in class I had students from all over the world. So when I graduated I was able to articulate and empathize with people from everywhere.”

Empathy. Another quality most would associate with good nursing. Moyo knows how hard it can be to empathize and take the proper courses of action with someone whose culture, language, or medical expectations differ from her own.

“I can relate to almost anybody,” she says. “I now understand so much about the local Indigenous culture, I know about Columbia, I know about Nigeria, and I know about Canadians who were born and bred here. And that is thanks to NorQuest College.”

At the Glenrose, Moyo’s managers and coworkers see firsthand the value she brings to the hospital.

“Nurses like Bianca play a key role in building a therapeutic relationship with our patients and their families to improve their rehabilitation, health, and well-being,” says patient care manager, Michelle Wallace. “Bianca’s training and experience are helping her understand our patients, and have given her the skills to communicate with them, their families, and the inter-professional care team.”

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