Faith Case

There are jobs, then there are careers

It is said that finding a career you love is like never having a job. If that’s true then 55-year-old licensed practical nurse Faith Case hasn’t worked a day in the past 38 years.

“It has been a terrific journey,” she says. “And it all started at Alberta Vocational Centre.”

Originally, Case enrolled in Alberta Vocational Centre (now NorQuest College) in 1977 at age 17 to become a certified nursing aide. She eventually settled into a long and satisfying career in geriatrics before moving into her current role as the school nurse at Sturgeon Composite High School. Working with both the young and the old has provided her with perspective that literally spans the ages.

“I didn’t think my career would turn out the way it has because originally I only wanted to work in a hospital in long-term care. However, geriatrics taught me so much about life, patience, and loving and giving. It really humbled me as a person and I now feel the need to share that with these young people.”

As school nurse at Sturgeon Comp, Case gives on-site care as needed, and provides St. John Ambulance first aid training to both students and staff. She also teaches medical studies and sports medicine. The latter has given her the opportunity to be in front of a classroom, an additional career benefit that has enhanced her life.

“I really enjoy the teaching aspect. It has given me yet another experience that I will be able to hold on to forever.”

Through it all, she has returned to NorQuest College on a number of occasions to take refresher courses—courses that have allowed her to see her alma mater’s continued growth.

“It was so great going back to see it as it changed,” she says. “It is a wonderful school. I hope it is around for another 50 years.”