Removing barriers to admissions and funding

Indigenous admissions

Indigenous learners can always find a home in NorQuest programs. NorQuest holds space for Indigenous students in high-demand programs. This represents part of NorQuest’s commitment to Indigenous peoples, communities, and learners.

Indigenous peoples are often excluded from many professions and post-secondary education. By prioritizing Indigenous learners, NorQuest creates more opportunities for Indigenous peoples to take part in the post-secondary system. At NorQuest, Indigenous learners gain the education and training needed to live full and meaningful lives, succeed in the workforce, and model the way for future generations of Indigenous learners and leaders.

Grades, missing courses, or other hurdles can be overcome. The Open Admissions Pathways remove barriers to entry for learners who may not meet program admission requirements. This pathway allows students to begin their studies, earn credits towards their certificate or diploma, and earn entry into the program of their choice.

Application fee support

Financial resources need not be a barrier to Indigenous learners, including the first step in applying. 

The application fee will be waived for any Indigenous learner applying to NorQuest College. By following the application process on ApplyAlberta and identifying as Indigenous, the application fee will automatically be removed.

Tuition deposit waiver

Financial resources need not be a barrier to Indigenous learners.

The tuition deposit waiver for Indigenous learners benefits Indigenous applicants who seek access to post-secondary education, but may not have the financial resources to do so. As a result, we automatically waive the tuition amount for any self-identified Indigenous learner who receives an offer of admission