Indigenous cultural support services

Indigenous students can meet with on-site Cultural Advisor(s) for mentorships, teachings, and support. They are available for one-on-one counselling sessions or for group ceremonies or teachings.

Muriel Lee – Wetaskiwin

Muriel Lee is an Elder from Ermineskin First Nation in Maskwacis. She speaks fluent Cree and identifies as Saulteaux. As the eldest of twelve siblings, Muriel helped her mother raise her younger siblings until she left home.

Muriel experienced very hard time attending school without knowing how to speak English. Her teachers often embarrassed her in front of the whole class because she could not understand what was being asked of her. The teachers were also very punitive and harsh.

Later, in retrospect, Muriel understood that her people were being colonized systematically in schools, and the first thing that is done in the colonial process is to kill the Indian within the child. It brings feelings of shame, unworthiness, and secret anger in a Cree child.

Muriel met her future husband Kisikaw k’seyin (Gordon Lee) in 1962 and got married two years later. They were blessed with five children, nine grandchildren, five great grandchildren. Muriel and her husband moved to Maskwacis from Edmonton and immediately sought out Elders of the Four Nations in Maskwacis. From these Elders, Muriel learned the deeper cultural beliefs, values, and traditions.

Muriel has been involved in cultural ceremonies and works hard to live by Cree teachings to this day. To Muriel, language is the soul of our culture, and she is committed to helping her community healing journey.

Muriel has taken many healing workshops. In 2001, she graduated from the University of Alberta at Augustana in Camrose, Alberta with a focus in Psychology. Muriel pursued this area of study as her grandmother once told her that the greatest gift Kisimanito bestowed upon humanity is the mind. Muriel believes that our culture has the capacity to heal the trauma that resulted from the Residential Schools.

Muriel’s hobbies and interests include:

  • Beading 
  • Walking 
  • Reading 
  • Teaching the Cree language to her grandchildren 

Muriel looks forward to mentoring the students in their educational journey!

Walter Rogers – Edmonton

Walter Rogers is a Cultural Advisor in Miyo-pimâtisiwin Centre.

Walter was born in Inuvik, Northwest Territories. At the age of five, he was fostered and raised in Valleyview, Alberta.

During his youth, Walter engaged in land-based cultural activities, including hunting, fishing, and trapping. He also helped Elders and mentors in his community with ceremonies that strengthened his connection to Creator and Mother Earth.

As Walter’s learning progressed, he took a more active role in the teachings of Sweat Lodge and Pipe ceremonies. His interest and admiration for these teachings led him to make Sweat Lodges, raise Teepees, and carve pipes—all while learning how the teachings connected to bring harmony and balance to our spirits.

In Miyo-pimâtisiwin Centre, Walter looks forward to helping Indigenous students feel confident and self-worthy through cultural teachings. He believes that humility is an important part of being Indigenous and strives to help students find pride and happiness in their identities.

Connect with a Cultural Advisor

To request an appointment with a Cultural Advisor please contact or call 780.644.6772