Wellness workshops

Welcome to our virtual Wellness Workshop library. You will find a range of self-guided workshops on a range of topics to help you manage day-to-day life at college and beyond.

Feel free to work through any or all of the relevant workshops at your own pace. Have questions? Need more information about any of the topics? Email the Centre for Growth and Harmony at wellness@norquest.ca or call 780.644.6155.

Intro to mental health

Mental health looks different for everyone, and can change day-to-day for all of us, but what even is it? The Wellness team and Mental Health Working Group have created a short self-guided workshop as an introduction to mental health. What is it, how can I assess where my mental health is at, and where can I go for support?

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Grief and loss

The concept of grief and loss is often associated with the death of a loved one, but it can also relate to many other types of loss. Losing a job, the loss of a relationship, loss of freedom or even the loss of normality and routine can all create feelings of grief. In this online workshop, we explore what loss and grief are, how they can show up in our lives, and discuss tools and techniques we can use to process and cope with the complex grieving journey.

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Intro to discrimination

Discrimination comes in many forms and can affect everyone, regardless of their background. In this introductory workshop, you will learn about privilege, oppression, microaggressions, and the impact of discrimination on our lives. Stay tuned for additional modules over the coming months!

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Intro to time management

The ability to manage your schedule effectively is a learned skill that can help to keep all aspects of your life organized. In this workshop, we'll discuss different strategies that you can implement to stay on-top of tasks, and plan your days and weeks effectively.

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Supporting survivors of sexual violence

This workshops is intended for those who are interested in learning about sexual violence/sexual assault, stigma and myth-busting, the impact of sexual violence, consent, and how to respond to disclosures of sexual violence.

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Preventative stress management

When we think of stress, we often view it in a negative light. While too much stress can be problematic and sometimes detrimental, a little stress is normal and can be useful in providing motivation and focus.

In this workshop, we will explore what stress is, how it manifests in our body and brain, and ways that we can practice self-care to prevent and cope with stress.

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Tackling test anxiety

Tests and exams can be the source of worry and stress for many of us. In this workshop, we explore what exactly test anxiety is, what the symptoms we may feel are, how we can learn to reframe anxiety in a positive way, and tools to cope with it when it comes up.

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Transition to work

These workshops provide information and practice opportunities to help equip you for success in practicum experiences and employment after graduation.

Effective professional communication

The ability to communicate effectively is an essential asset for any working professional. In this three-part series, you’ll learn explore what communication is, how to communicate electronically in a professional setting, and how to give/receive feedback effectively in the workplace.

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Positive working relationships

Building positive relationships with coworkers is crucial for a successful career. In this three-part series, we’ll explore what a positive working relationship looks like, how to solve potential common problems that occur between colleagues, and ways in which to build better working relationships.

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