President's Medal

In honour of NorQuest College’s 50th anniversary, the President's Medal was introduced in 2015. It is NorQuest College’s highest student award.

The President's Medal acknowledges a student who consistently models many of the following selection criteria:

  • academic achievement
  • student citizenship
  • involvement in NorQuest and/or external communities
  • leadership qualities and behaviours

Program chairs submit nominations, and a formal college committee selects the recipient. The award is presented at Convocation, and is accompanied by a cash prize from the NorQuest College Faculty Association.

2023 recipient – Oluwakemi "Kemi" Bankole

Kemi is a dedicated Child and Youth Care graduate who courageously followed her heart and pursued her passion for helping others. With a background in Building Technology, Kemi decided to make a significant career change driven by her deep-rooted compassion and empathy for children and youth in need.

Known for her unwavering commitment to academic excellence, Kemi excelled in her studies. It demonstrated a strong understanding of the theories and practices that underpin her field of study, reflecting her dedication to honing skills and knowledge to serve better those she cares for. Beyond the classroom, Kemi’s commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of people around her, and her strong belief in the power of giving back sees her actively contributing to various volunteer initiatives, including at Start2Finish where she helps to equip elementary school children who live below the poverty line, helping them to improve their physical, mental, emotional, and social health and enabling them to become valuable contributors within their communities. Kemi’s heart also goes out to homeless people, supporting them through her volunteer work with Reconcile Ministry. Kemi thrives on lending a helping hand and supporting anyone in need.

With a strong sense of purpose and determination, Kemi is always eager to take on new challenges and push herself beyond limits. Her future is filled with the vision of her strong leadership skills, coupled with her genuine care for children and youth, making positive impacts in the field of child and youth care and in the world around her.

Portrait of Oluwakemi 'Kemi' Bankol
Past winners

2022 recipient – Mariam Sendagire

Mariam Sendagire is a graduate of one of NorQuest's newest programs: Settlement Studies. This two-year diploma program, the first of its kind in western Canada, develops the skills needed to work effectively with newcomers to Canada. It seemed like the right choice for Mariam, who already had a wealth of experience before she studied at NorQuest.

Originally from Uganda, Mariam worked for 17 years as a health care aide, raising two boys as a single mother in Canada while supporting her family back home. Her life experience and wisdom have already inspired many newcomers to Canada, supporting new international students discover and adjust to their new environment.

2021 recipient – Binita Khadka

Binita was actively involved in the Students’ Association of NorQuest College, serving as a Students’ Council representative and supporting many activities in the Association. Academically, Binita was called a 'natural mentor' by her nominating instructors and encouraged her fellow students to take on leadership roles.

Binita’s message for her fellow graduates is likewise passionate and encouraging; “NorQuest has made our wings strong, so now it’s up to us where we want to fly, and we can do so with complete confidence”.

2020 recipient – Samuel Enyon Latigo

During his time at NorQuest, Community Support Worker student Samuel Enyon Latigo was extensively involved in NorQuest activities as an RBC Student Ambassador and a volunteer at Open House. Samuel was a top academic performer in his program in addition to being highly engaged in the NorQuest and greater Edmonton communities.

“NorQuest made me feel warm and welcome,” he says. “There is a diversity here that is always respected and a feeling of inclusion. Even being a newcomer to Canada, it was very easy to me to go out into the community and emulate that spirit.”

2019 recipient – Shannon Whitlow

Shannon Whitlow earned NorQuest College’s 2019 President’s Medal based on her strong academic standing and impressive volunteer and mentorship record.

Although she took classes online, Shannon was a positive presence on the NorQuest College campus, mentoring her fellow students and acting as a leader in the Physical Therapy Assistant program. Alongside the demands of full-time classes and family life, she also served as an enthusiastic volunteer with the YMCA and the Edmonton Catholic Schools District.

2018 recipient – Dwight Phillips

Since arriving in Canada from Jamaica in 2014, armed with a degree in Land Economy and Valuation Surveying, Dwight Phillips has kept busy with education and the community.

2017 recipient - Vanya Skipper

Student success is our goal here at NorQuest College and we are so proud to have students who share in our vision for them. Check out this video interview with NorQuest's 2017 President's Medal winner Vanya Skipper describing what a NorQuest education did for her.

2016 recipient – Sophia Aarons

Our 2016 President's Medal recipient Sophia Aarons knows more than a thing or two about perseverance.

Sophia is from Jamaica and came to Edmonton specifically for a NorQuest College education. Watch as she explains what makes NorQuest special and how it can help anyone, at any level of education, achieve their goals.

2015 Recipient - Vanyelle Behr

In May, NorQuest College proudly presented the first-ever President’s Medal. The highest student distinction offered by the college was presented at convocation to graduating pharmacy technician student Vanyelle Behr.