General information

Convocation ceremony schedule

May 30 and May 31, 2024 

Coming soon


All graduates and potential graduates from the Fall 2023, Winter 2024, and Spring 2024 terms who applied to graduate and have met, or are on track to meet, program requirements are invited to attend Convocation 2024. We will email the invitation and registration package to you in April.

Caps and gowns

Gown pick-up: TBD

You must pick up your package (cap, tassel, gown, v-stole, ticket, guest tickets, name card) at the Edmonton campus.

Convocation is an academic event. Dress accordingly – business casual or business formal wear is suggested. All program graduates wear red gowns and traditional red mortarboards. Wear your cap parallel to the ground with the tassel to the right side.

Guest tickets

All guests must have tickets for the specific ceremony to be admitted. Guest tickets are general seating and not assigned. Children are welcome to attend Convocation, but must have a guest ticket and be seated with another guest in the audience. 

More details on tickets will be available in January 2024.

International guests

If your Convocation guests will be visiting from outside of Canada and need to apply for a temporary resident visa, you will need to write a letter of invitation for your guests. NorQuest College cannot write this letter for you. Be sure to include all the details needed in your letter of invitation.

Along with the letter of invitation, include the following in the temporary resident visa application:

  • copies of your passport and your study permit
  • an official transcript, which you can request from MyQuest
  • an enrolment verification letter, which you can print from MyQuest
  • a printout of the web page showing the ceremony location, date and schedule

Your guests may also wish to seek advice from an immigration professional about their temporary resident visa application.

Platform party

The platform party comprises NorQuest College's Board of Governors, deans and directors, student representatives, and dignitaries who take part in the ceremony. 

Platform party and faculty members wear a black academic gown and an accompanying hood representing their degree and alma mater. 

The presidential stole

The presidential stole in a frame hanging on a wall

Designed by Irene Klar, NorQuest College's presidential stole pays homage to the academic institution, its goals, and its student body. 

The founding colours of the College were navy blue, sky blue, and white. These can be found in the stole. NorQuest College encourages its students to fulfill their potential. The undulating ribbon of blue and teal represents the many aspects of knowledge and the many facets of the student body... the sky above, the earth below and all that exists is revealed as our lives fold and unfold. 

NorQuest College is multinational. A large percentage of our students immigrated to Canada from other countries. The eight stripes on the outer border of the stole comprise the colours of all the flags of the world – green, yellow, red, orange, light blue, dark blue, white, and black. 

The braid at the apex of the stole's design refers to the sweetgrass so important to Canada's First Nations and Indigenous students at NorQuest College. It also represents the interweaving of people, ideals, and aspirations found at the college. Each ribbon by itself is weak but braided together forms part of a strong and structured whole. 

Convocation information