Work-integrated learning

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Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) at NorQuest College

At NorQuest, we develop workforce-ready learners eager to enter the workplace. Our learners gain hands-on skill and experience

Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) connects your academic experience to the real world. Over 30 programs at NorQuest offer WIL opportunities from business to health to community studies.

  • NorQuest is a leader in work-integrated learning, building relationships with employer-partner organizations and developing strong matches with learners in fields of interest.
  • NorQuest supports our learners as they transition into the workforce, providing professional career guidance and supports to prepare learners for WIL and future careers.
  • Choosing NorQuest is an investment in your future. Our unique, professional WIL opportunities build futures for our learners and outstanding recruits for our employer-partners.

Benefits of WIL

Work-Integrated learning opportunities are mutually beneficial for learners and employer-partner organizations.

  • Learners who complete WIL gain relevant experience, build their knowledge, develop their network, and launch their careers.
  • Employer-partners benefit from new ideas and up-to-date theories that the student brings from their academic experience as well as access to a trained new recruit if the business chooses to hire.
  • Alumni form connections to industry during their own WIL experience and access a community of employer-partners in connection to NorQuest as new graduates ready for work.
  • Edmonton and the wider community benefits through educated and experienced graduates entering the workplace. NorQuest WIL bridges learners into the workforce and aligns with the Alberta 2030 vision.

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WIL success stories

For years I felt stuck and trapped in jobs where I was overworked and under-appreciated. My work-integrated learning was really a dream come true for me. Even though it was temporary, it made me more confident in my abilities, and I felt a lot more ready for the real world.

I learned that pursuing my career aspirations can be accomplished by staying true to myself, genuine to others, and not settling for anything less than what I deserve.

— Ilana, Administrative Professional Program graduate

NorQuest’s Career Centre

The Career Centre supports Work-Integrated Learning opportunities for four faculties at NorQuest, including business, technology, environment, and settlement programs. We want to partner with you to help you find outstanding candidates for your organization’s needs.

View the list of work-integrated learning and micro-WIL opportunities available.

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Types of WIL

NorQuest offers several types of Work-integrated Learning, including:

  • Co-op
  • Work experience
  • Clinical placement
  • Community service learning
  • Micro-WIL