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Hello instructors! The Career Centre is here to support you and your students. Our goal is to empower students as they prepare for jobs and future careers.

Collaborate with us

  • Invite a career coach to present as a part of your class instruction or if you are away for a conference or vacation. Choose your topic from the list of presentation topics below, and fill out this presentation request form.
    • Remember to give us at least three business days' notice when requesting a presentation.
  • Request a 10-minute snapshot of our Centre. A career coach can come to class to talk about the supports we offer to empower students to succeed in their future.
  • Partner with us on career education assignments such as resume and cover letter reviews or practice interviews.
    • Career coaches support students to develop career skills and tools, and we can even let you know who completed the assignment.

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Presentation topics

The Career Centre offers the following presentations to develop students’ workforce relevance:


This workshop presents an overview of employer expectations in the workplace, explores ways to demonstrate highly-sought-after soft skills like initiative and motivation, and discusses ways to demonstrate professionalism through communication, body language, dress, and attitude.

Writing effective resumes and cover letters

In this workshop, students explore how to write and tailor effective cover letters and resumes to demonstrate fit, interest, and value to prospective employers. Students learn about the various types of resumes and which to use; understand how to format a resume to build a personal brand; and how to use key-terms to promote their application in applicant tracking systems and to demonstrate connection to an organization’s mission, vision, and values.

Interviewing with confidence

This workshop presents the STAR interview methodology; tips for succeeding in different types of interviews; techniques for asking excellent questions; ways to prepare to enhance confidence; and, interview attire, expectations, and etiquette.

How to job search and network

This workshop prepares students to research and search for part-time jobs and career positions through a variety of methods. Students will learn about various search engines, how to search effectively for relevant positions, ways to include keywords to meets applicant tracking system requirements, and ways to utilize LinkedIn for job searching. The workshop will also discuss appropriate social media presence to demonstrate a professional brand during the job search.

Success at work

This workshop prepares students for success in their first-year at work and beyond, covering major topics for success, including intercultural awareness; professional boundaries; methods for dealing with conflict; workplace rights; techniques for demonstrating and developing skills; continuous learning; and, professional communication. This workshop incorporates information from former NorQuest students and industry partners to best prepare students for success in the real-world.

Transferable skills

This workshop presents an overview of several factors in development of transferable skills, explores key traits and skills essential for today’s employee, and describes how to maximize workforce relevance in the modern workplace. In today’s labour market, employers are interested in both soft and hard skills, specific knowledge and abilities, personal attributes and personality traits.

Building your personal brand

In this workshop, students learn how to develop their own, intentional personal brand. Topics include how to develop an effective and engaging elevator pitch; ways to demonstrate digital citizenship; LinkedIn profile basics; methods to determine and explain personal purpose; and, how professional communication impacts personal brand.

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