Career supports

NorQuest College students achieve their best career potential when they become workforce ready.

Over 30 NorQuest programs offer work-integrated learning, providing you with hands-on experience outside the classroom. The Career Centre supports work-integrated learning and career readiness for learners across the college. 

Explore how the Career Centre connects with students, instructors, and employer-partners below. 

Empowering students through education

We collaborate with NorQuest instructors to support student skill development through in-class presentations, assignments, and hands-on projects.

Empowering students through experience

We bridge the connection between our students and the community, providing opportunities for mutually beneficial collaboration with employer-partners. We partner with organizations and businesses to make this possible.

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You are getting hands-on experience and have the opportunity to work with other people outside the classroom setting. It’s about being creative.

Once you are involved in a work experience program you are making reports and putting things into your own words as opposed from working straight from the textbook.”

Tanya McPherson,
Business Administration student

Hear success stories from NorQuest students and alumni, learn valuable tips from employers, and listen to career coaches teach you the skills you need to find a job.

Career Centre

Sixth floor, Civic Employees Legacy Tower 780.644.6160