Student conduct

NorQuest Code of Conduct

Refer to Student Judicial Affairs Policy

The college, all members of the college, and the college community have responsibilities in creating and maintaining a safe, non-threatening, and respectful campus environment. In particular, each person will be bound by the following specific provisions.

Conduct toward others

I will demonstrate respect for the dignity and individuality of all persons by:

  • Promoting an environment that is free of any form of harassment or discrimination
  • Refusing to tolerate verbal or physical abuse or the threat of abuse
  • Refraining from behaviours that interfere with or disrupt the learning, living, or work life of others
  • Treating confidential information appropriately
  • Encouraging others to feel welcome and safe

Personal conduct

I will demonstrate a high standard of personal conduct at NorQuest and in other activities related to NorQuest by:

  • Upholding the law
  • Refraining from behaviour that would bring the college into disrepute
  • Not engaging in inappropriate sexual behaviour
  • Refraining from inappropriate possession or consumption of any intoxicating substance, or functioning under the influence of any intoxicating substance
  • Being reliable in my commitment to participate in work, study, and related activities
  • Refraining from using a position of trust to receive special benefits or consideration, or financial or material gain for myself or others
  • Using appropriately any real or perceived position of authority
  • Practising honesty consistently in my academic or work life
  • Supporting an atmosphere that encourages the respectful exchange and examination of diverse ideas in order to further the development of our learning environment

Conduct toward property

I will respect college assets and the property of others by working to create an environment that treats these assets with respect and does not condone:

  • Theft, vandalism, or damage of property
  • Unauthorized use or entry to any space or property
  • Violation of civil or criminal statutes

Awareness and college community responsibility

I will practise integrity by supporting others in adherence to this policy by:

  • Recognizing how this policy is connected with a number of more in-depth college policies, procedures, and provincial and federal legislation
  • Taking responsibility for learning how related legislation, policies, and procedures apply to my situation

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