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Work-integrated learning provides students with opportunities to gain real-world experience, relevant to their education, to help prepare them for future careers. Students apply their NorQuest academic learning to their WIL experiences.

Over 30 programs at NorQuest offer work-integrated learning opportunities. Check out the opportunities available or email for more information about how to complete a WIL experience.

International students require a valid co-op work permit to complete WIL experiences.

One-on-one appointments available

Working one-one-one with a career coach provides students with a supportive, individualized opportunity to develop the tools necessary to successfully search for career opportunities and part-time jobs. The Work-Integrated Learning and Career Education Centre offers the following appointment types to prepare students for success in entering the workforce. Book an appointment with a career coach to get started.

Appointment Types

Resume and cover letter review

Work with a career coach to review your existing resume and/or cover letter(s) to ensure you’ve included relevant and tailored content with effective structure and format. Be sure to bring a copy of your most recent resume and/or cover letter and a job application of interest. (For the most effective experience, set up an appointment for resume and cover letter techniques first.)

Resume and cover letter techniques

Discuss with a career coach how to build a resume and/or cover letter including: ways to write effective content, methods to format and structure your documents, and how to tailor to a job posting.

Interview preparation

Review ways to prepare for an interview, how to develop your elevator pitch, what to expect in the interview process, how to use the STAR interview method, and common interview questions.

Mock interview

Practice your interview skills by completing a mock interview. A career coach will ask typical interview questions, give you time to demonstrate your ability to ask questions, and provide feedback on responses and personal presentation. Be sure to provide a job application of interest to your Career Coach prior to the appointment. (For the most effective experience, set up an appointment for interview preparation first.)

Job search techniques

Review techniques that include how to use job search websites and search engines, approach employers directly, utilize LinkedIn for job searching, and ways to network to enhance your job search.

Networking techniques

Discuss effective networking strategies, ways to develop your LinkedIn profile and elevator pitch, how to demonstrate a professional brand, and how to interact with and develop professional or social contacts.

LinkedIn review

Review your existing LinkedIn profile and receive feedback on your all components of your profile. (For the most effective experience, set up an appointment for networking techniques first.)

Career planning

Develop a career plan and SMART goals using decision making and research tools. You will review how to research labour market trends and education and training programs, and learn how to set up informational interviews.

Career Quest Podcast

Listen and learn with our CareerQuest podcast! Hear success stories from NorQuest students and alumni, learn valuable tips from employers, and listen to Career Coaches teach you the skills you need to find a job.

Clinicals are wonderful because they give you real-life experience as a nurse that you can’t get in a classroom or lab. It allows you to explore different areas of nursing and helps you develop your skills. This experience helps you grow into the nurse you aspire to be.

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