Work-Integrated Learning and Career Education Centre

Work-Integrated Learning

NorQuest College supports its students in achieving their best career potential by helping them become workforce ready.

The Work-Integrated Learning and Career Education Centre (WILCEC) is here to maximize student empowerment through education and experience. Finding a job or planning your career can be an exciting journey. The WILCEC is available to assist and empower you; we are invested in your workforce relevance and future success.

One-on-one career coaching is available to all current students, as well as recent alumni who completed a program at NorQuest College in the last six months, to prepare students to enter the workforce.

The WILCEC supports students in gaining workforce relevant experience by providing opportunities for students to participate in work-integrated learning (WIL).

You are getting hands-on experience and have the opportunity to work with other people outside the classroom setting. It’s about being creative.
Once you are involved in a work experience program you are making reports and putting things into your own words as opposed from working straight from the textbook.

Tanya McPherson,
Business Administration student