Services for Students with Disabilities

NorQuest College offers a wide range of services to support students with disabilities. Support services such as academic strategists, sign language interpreters, alternate format, and access to assistive technology can be arranged. NorQuest College supports students with diagnosed disabilities including, but not limited to:

  • Learning
  • Sensory (vision or hearing)
  • Physical
  • Speech and language
  • Neurological
  • Chronic health/chronic pain
  • Mental health

If you have a disability, or believe you have a learning disability, it is important that you book an appointment with a student support specialist when you apply to NorQuest College. Potential students with disabilities need to apply a minimum of three months prior to the start of a term to ensure that supports are available. Requesting supports after this time may result in your application being deferred to the next semester to allow for coordination of supports.

Student Support Specialists

Student support specialists work with students, staff, and faculty to identify students’ strengths and barriers to learning. They develop an individual accommodation plan for each student and work with college employees to create accessible environments.

Sign Language Interpreters

Sign language interpreters are available for students who are deaf to facilitate communication during appointments, strategy sessions, and in the classroom. Arrangements are also made to provide students who are hard of hearing with appropriate accommodations.

Exam Accommodation

Students who require extra time, quiet environment, or exams in alternate format may write exams on the 5th floor in the Testing Centre. Book your exams with the Testing Centre early in the term.

Alternate Format

Materials for courses and exams can be prepared in alternate formats that include, digital audio, large print, and other alternate formats.

Academic Strategists

Academic strategists work with students to address learning challenges and build strengths. Working one-to-one or in small groups, strategists work collaboratively with students to develop an individualized learning strategy tool kit that supports academic success.

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology (AT) specialists work with students to support them in their use of technology. AT Specialists provide training as well as ongoing technical support for students using voice recorders, text-to-speech software, speech-to-text software, and a variety of other assistive technology tools.

Peer Note Takers

Students requiring a peer note taker will make arrangements with their classroom instructors after meeting with a student support specialist.

Referral for Disability Services

If you are an instructor or counsellor and would like to refer a student that you believe may benefit from the support of Disability Services, complete the form below with the student (also found on the Q). Once the form is complete, give it to the student. The student should book an appointment to see a student support specialist, and then bring the completed form to the appointment. Appointments can be booked at Student Services on the first floor (A125) or at the Learning Support reception on the 5th floor.

Contact Information

5th Floor, Heritage Tower, Downtown Campus




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