Food Bank

Student Food Bank

Students may access the food bank in emergency situations once a semester. To access the student food bank:

  1. Go to the Students’ Association Office, Room A121, Civic Employees Legacy Tower, Downtown Campus.
  2. Fill out a ‘Student Emergency Fund’ form with your student ID, program, as well as number of children (if applicable).
  3. Provide a brief explanation of the circumstances in which you are applying for emergency funding.
  4. Sign and date the bottom of form.

The NorQuest College Student Emergency Food Bank Fund provides food certificates and bus tickets to students in need. Since established, the number of students seeking assistance for themselves and their families has tripled. Your help is needed to keep up with demand.

Edmonton Food Banks

Edmonton Food Bank - The Edmonton Food Bank provides food free of charge to those in need. Edmonton Food Bank's website includes information on its location, how to receive a donation, and how to volunteer.

Salvation Army Food Assistance - Information on the Salvation Army’s food assistance program, which provides meals and food to families in need.

Alberta Food Banks

Alberta Food Bank Network Association – Information on more than 100 food banks or food hamper programs providing for the needs of their communities, operating throughout Alberta.

Students' Association

Room A121, Civic Employees Legacy Tower, Downtown Campus



Monday - Friday
8:15am - 4:30pm