Q: I have forgotten my password. What do I do?

A: Go to the Computer Commons Help Desk in the Learner Centre. Bring your NorQuest student ID card or another form of legal photo ID, and Computer Commons staff will be happy to reset your password.

Q: I tried to login but the computer says my account has expired. It will not let me login. What do I do?

A: All student computer accounts expire on the last day of class or of the semester.

If your account has expired before the day shown on your ID card, please go to the Computer Help Desk for assistance. Present your student ID card and let them know that you are getting a message saying your account has expired.

Q: Where should I save my work?

A: Save your files in at least two places (e.g., Google Drive and your USB device). Do not save to “My Documents.” After every reboot, the computer will revert to a clean state and files saved in “My Documents” will be lost.

Q: I pressed the Save button the last time I was working on the computer and now I cannot find my file. Where is it?

A: Any files saves to the school computers will be erased. You have to save to your Google Drive and/or another memory device, such as your USB key.

Q: How much can I print?

A: When you register, you have 200 print pages assigned to you per semester. Your course of study may require more than this. The balance on your printing credits is shown on the desktop in a dialogue box called "Paper Cut".

Q: Do I have to pay for printing? 

A: No. However, if you use up all of the pages in your print quota, you will have to buy more. The cost is 5 cents per page plus GST. The minimum purchase is 100 pages

Q: I have run out of printing. What do I do?

A: The Computer Commons area does not take payment. You have to go to the Office of the Registrar (main floor) and purchase more printing credits. The Office of the Registrar will give you a receipt. Bring the receipt back to the Computer Commons Help Desk and staff will add the credit to your account. The Office of the Registrar closes at 4:15 PM daily.

Q: I am trying to login onto MyMail but it is redirecting me to the Gmail login page. How come?

A: MyMail is essentially a Gmail account. You will have to type your login information given to you in order to successfully sign into your account. Please ensure that you are logged out of any pre-existing Gmail accounts before logging into your MyMail account.

Q: Where do I find my Tax Receipt and how do I know if I am eligible to receive one?

A: Please click on T2202A for more information.

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