Aboriginal Student Services

NorQuest College provides learners with a complete education that attempts to balance strong academic foundations with Aboriginal culture. Our inclusive approach supports the diversity of our learner population, preparing graduates for work in a wide range of environments, including Aboriginal communities.

Aboriginal learners make up approximately 11 per cent of NorQuest’s student population. As a result, we have designed an extensive network of services tailored specifically to the needs of this group, including Aboriginal Student Support Services and Elder support.

Aboriginal Student Advisor

Available two afternoons a week for one-on-one appointments with students who need help with any of the following:

  • Identifying Aboriginal funding options
  • Providing career planning and educational guidance to Band Funded Students
  • Liaising with bands in the provision of student support and service management
  • Connecting with instructors, counselors, admissions personnel,and agencies
  • Supervision of Elder Program

Aboriginal Educational Counsellor

The Aboriginal educational counselor assists Aboriginal students to cope more effectively with personal, financial, career, and academic issues. The counsellor works closely with the Elders, Aboriginal programs, and Aboriginal Student Support Services at NorQuest College to address the unique challenges that may hinder the success of Aboriginal students.

Aboriginal Elders

Elder support is available on campus on Tuesdays to provide spiritual and cultural guidance. Aboriginal students are encouraged to meet with an Elder for counselling, spiritual guidance, and healing circles.

Aboriginal Ceremonial Room

NorQuest’s Aboriginal Ceremonial Room provides a multi-purpose facility for Aboriginal students. Located in Room 618 of the main building at the downtown campus, the Ceremonial Room is used for formal ceremonies and counselling sessions with the Elder.

View photos of the Aboriginal Ceremonial Room.

RBC Aboriginal Mentorship Program

Aboriginal mentors create a support system from within an indigenous framework to develop a sense of belonging and enhance the learning experience of Aboriginal students attending NorQuest College. Learn more about the RBC Aboriginal Mentorshp Program and how to get involved.

Contact Information

Room A125, Main Building
Downtown Campus