Board governed since 1998, NorQuest College operates under the authority of the Post-secondary Learning Act and is responsible to Alberta’s Minister of Advanced Education.

The Board shall manage and operate the institution in accordance with its mandate [PSLA Section 60(1) (a)].

The Board has the authority through the Post-secondary Learning Act to establish admission requirements and publish rules with respect to enrolment and programs [PSLA Section 60(1) (c) and (d)], determine tuition fees to be paid by students in accordance with the regulations [PSLA Section 61], and delegate in writing powers, duties or functions set out in the PSLA, with the exception of bylaws [PSLA Section 62].

The Board of Governors provides oversight of the College by acting within clearly defined roles, effective governance structures and consistent processes. The Board represents the public in its oversight and stewardship of the public resources provided for NorQuest College.

The Post-secondary Learning Act [Section 44(2)] legislates the appointment of NorQuest College’s 14 Board members. In summary, the Board consists of the following:

  • Appointed by Minister of Advanced Education:
    • one academic staff member nominated by the academic staff association
    • one student nominated by the council of the students association
    • one member of the non-academic staff who is not engaged in the administration of the college nominated by non-academic staff
  • Appointed by Lieutenant Governor in Council:
    • 10 public members, one of whom shall be designated chairperson
  • Automatic appointment:
    • The President of the public college.

An individual appointed as a Board member holds office for a term not to exceed three years (PSLA Section 56 (1) (a) (b) and (2). An individual may continue to hold office after the expiry of their term until:

  • they are reappointed;
  • their successor is appointed;
  • or for a period of three months (whichever comes first)

Board members may only serve two terms unless three years have passed since their second term expired.

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