The U-Pass (or Universal Transit Pass) provides unlimited usage of regular transit service from:

Special event, contracted, and charter service is excluded.

New: The U-Pass has finally gone digital! You don’t need a sticker on your student ID anymore. Pick up your Arc card, activate your U-Pass, then tap to ride transit.

What is the Arc card?

The Arc card is an electronic fare payment system for transit services in the Edmonton region. It acts as your bus pass and once you have added your U-Pass to it, you will be able to start using transit with it.

Where do I get an Arc card?

Starting Monday, August 23, you will be able to pick up your free Arc card at the SANQC Service Centre (Room 1-086, SCFL).

How do I load my U-Pass onto my Arc card?

Log in to MyQuest, where you will see the Arc icon. Click it to access the area to load your U-Pass onto your Arc card. It should take as little as 15 minutes to activate. (This is new, so please be patient if it takes longer.) Once you add your U-Pass, you can start using your Arc card for transit.

Learn more about the Arc card for U-Pass.


The U-Pass is mandatory for all eligible students. Full- and part-time NorQuest College students who have been assessed the Students’ Association fee and are taking classes within the Edmonton city limits are eligible for the U-Pass.

Opting out

Students may opt out of the U-Pass if they meet one of the following:

  • have a valid CNIB registration, DATS, SCAT, or Handibus registration
  • work for one of the transit services
  • have a practicum outside of the service area for longer than eight consecutive weeks
  • lives outside of a 100 kilometre radius from main campus
  • 65 years of age or older
  • receive the U-Pass through a participating institution
  • receive benefits from AISH

Students who register after the drop date (last day for payment of term fees - 10% of the term) are not eligible for the U-Pass. See the Academic Schedule for the exact dates.

Period of coverage

The U-Pass is valid during:

  • fall term (Aug 25 - Dec 31),
  • winter term (Jan 1 - Apr 30), and
  • spring term (May 1 - Aug 31)


The cost of the U-Pass is $180 per term, due at the start of the term. Fees are non-refundable once the Arc card is issued.

View the Students’ Association website for more information.

For more information

Students’ Association

Room 1-114, Singhmar Centre for Learning, Edmonton campus