Student ID Cards

Photo ID cards are issued by the Office of the Registrar to all new or returning students. Ongoing students will retain their ID cards for the duration of their enrolment. Your student ID card also serves as your Students' Association and library card.

Use your ID card for:

  • Borrowing library materials
  • Obtaining or changing your password to access college computers
  • Obtaining your textbooks
  • Taking part in student recreation activities
  • Borrowing equipment and/or table games
  • Entering the college after hours or on weekends
  • Purchasing bus passes at the student rate

Student ID Draft

Student ID cards will be issued to all new students who register. The ID cards feature our new logo, have a barcode allowing you to borrow from all NEOS libraries and include a space for U-Pass stickers.

NorQuest College Library is a NEOS library. This means your library card (student ID card) will allow you to borrow items from all NEOS libraries

See the student Q&A for additional details.