Accommodations & Housing

NorQuest College does not have an on-campus residence; however there are a number of housing and accommodation options and registries to assist students in finding housing accessible to the college.

Student Residence

While NorQuest College does not have a student residence, the MacEwan University student residence is within walking distance of our Edmonton campus. The residence at MacEwan's City Centre Campus offers space to students of other post-secondary institutions in Alberta.

MacEwan University Residence

The website provides the rates for bachelor, two-bedroom, and four-bedroom suites available at the MacEwan Residence. Priority is given to MacEwan students; however, if space is available, students from other educational institutions may be accommodated.

Housing Registries

Renting Spaces is an online housing registry providing off-campus housing listings to students, as well as providing listings of other students looking for roommates.

Renting Spaces

Private Housing Rentals in Edmonton

There are many rental options in Edmonton. Depending on the type of place you wish to live in, rent can range between CAD $400 and CAD $1500 for a one- or two-bedroom apartment.

Check out the links below to help you with your search for a rental home.