MyQuest FAQs

MyQuest is NorQuest College’s online student centre. As an applicant you will need to use MyQuest to check information about your application, complete any items listed on your To Do List to become a student, get information about courses, fees, and to verify your contact information. As a student you will need to use MyQuest to view things like your timetable, grades and to apply to graduate. See detailed list below and refer to the MyQuest Quick Reference Guide (163K pdf) for a screen shot of the Student Center page that has links to all of this information.

  • Academics
    • View & print your proposed course registration for applicable programs
    • Enroll in courses for applicable programs
    • Print an enrolment verification letter as proof of your registration
    • View and print your weekly timetable
    • View drop, cancel and withdrawal deadlines for your classes
    • Access assignments and grades, and where applicable, link to online course material through Blackboard
    • View an unofficial transcript or your NorQuest courses and final grades and request an official transcript
    • Apply to graduate
  • Finances
    • View details on account balances, payment history, charges due and refunds
    • Make payments by credit card
    • View details on your student finance funding, scholarships, awards, bursaries and sponsorships
    • View and print your T2202A Tax Receipt
  • Personal Information
    • View and, if necessary, update name, address, phone numbers, personal email and emergency contacts
  • Admissions
    • View the status of your application and what may need to be done next
  • Holds
    • View any holds on your account due to overdue fees or library fines. View additional details and instructions on what to do to remove the hold
  • To Do List
    • Applicants can view a list of admission requirements that require action, including additional details regarding what is required and who to contact
    • As a student you may see notifications regarding absences
  • Advisor
    • View the Advisor that has been assigned to you.

After you apply to NorQuest College, you will receive a letter with your User ID, Password and instructions for signing in to MyQuest.

  • Go to the MyQuest page on
  • Enter your User ID and Password information exactly as displayed in your letter.
  • Click on Sign In.
  • You will need to change the temporary password after you login for the first time. This password must have at least 8 characters and include at least 1 number.
  • Note: your password expires every 90 days. Ensure that you sign on regularly.
  • From the main menu in MyQuest, click on Self Service and then click on Student Center, the main information page in MyQuest.

You can check the MyQuest User Guide (3MB pdf) or MyQuest Video Tutorials for detailed instructions on how to find information in MyQuest.

If you need additional help, see information below. When requesting help, make sure to have your student ID number, home address and phone number available.

  • If you need help logging in, or have other technical problems, contact Computer Commons:



    Computer Commons, Downtown campus, Heritage Tower, 5th Floor

  • If you need general help about the information you see in MyQuest, contact the Office of the Registrar:


    Office of the Registrar, Downtown campus, Heritage Tower, Main Floor

NorQuest College has computers available for students to check their MyQuest account. Since the MyQuest service is available to you 24 hours a day via the Internet, you can check your account anywhere you can use a computer that is connected to the Internet, not just at school.

You can contact Computer Commons. See above answer.

Follow these instructions. Also refer to the MyQuest User Guide (3MB pdf) for additional information on passwords:

  • Sign into your MyQuest account.
  • Click "Change My Password" in the main menu on the left side of page.
  • Enter your current password and then enter your new password twice (in both the New Password box and the Confirm Password box)
  • Click on "Change Password"
  • Click "OK"
  • You will be returned to the Change Password page. Now you can either continue to use MyQuest to check your account information by clicking on Self Service in the main menu or you can Sign Out.

It is highly recommended that users sign out and close all open browser windows when they are finished using MyQuest in order to protect their personal data.

Your new MyQuest account is a permanent account, giving you lifetime access even after you graduate from NorQuest College.