Purpose & Key Principles


The FOIP Act has two purposes. These are to:

  • provide a right to access records, subject to limited and specific exceptions, and
  • protect personal information by controlling how the college ask for, uses, and releases what it collects.

Key principles

There are also five key principles associated with the FOIP Act.

  1. Anyone can access records that the college owns or manages, with some limitations.
  2. Anyone can access college records about themselves, with some limitations.
  3. Anyone can ask to correct college records about themselves.
  4. The college must protect the personal information that it asks for, uses, and gives out.
  5. Anyone can ask the Alberta Information and Privacy Commissioner to review a college decision made under the FOIP Act.
View the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

For more information

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Visit Alberta Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for direct contact information.