Foreign Document Assessment Service

This service can help individuals obtain recognition for the education they receive outside of Canada. The assessment certificate shows how your educational credentials compare to the educational standards in Canada.

NorQuest College does accept International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS) assessments for advisory purposes only. The results of the assessment assist NorQuest in making decisions regarding your admission.

If you request IQAS to conduct an evaluation, ensure that you request a Secondary School Course by Course Analysis Evaluation and submit both your secondary and post-secondary documents to them for evaluation.

This type of evaluation analyzes secondary level admission requirements extracted from the secondary school and/or post-secondary documents you submit. It then provides NorQuest with a summary of what requirements your education generally equates to (i.e., English 30, Math 30, etc.). It will also show what percentage grades you meet on their Canadian grade conversion scales. This is a quick and efficient way for you to know whether you meet the admission requirements for your program of choice at NorQuest.

A Comparison of Canadian Degree Levels Evaluation, which IQAS also provides, does not verify comparative secondary school achievement and therefore does not assist us in making any admissions decisions.

An IQAS assessment does not guarantee that admission to a program will be granted. NorQuest may require further proof of meeting the admission criteria and may require proof of English language proficiency.

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