Online Delivery Information

Welcome to online delivery at NorQuest College!

Below you will find information on the following topics to assist you with taking online courses:

How to register for courses

Some programs will be available for online registration for the 2019-2020 academic year. To see if your program is a part of this group, visit How to Register in Classes. For programs not available for online registration, registration is completed through the Office of the Registrar. To register, send your request to

  • If you have been admitted to a program (including Open Studies) and plan to take one or more courses online, visit How to Register in Classes to see if your program offers online enrolment Payment is required on the first day of the term. If you register through Open Studies or for a course that starts after the term begins, payment is required at the time of registration.
  • If you are taking Academic Upgrading or Foundations for Learning online anytime courses, use the Online Anytime Course Registration form. Payment is required within 24 hours of registration.

See the Tuition & Fees Payment page for information about making your payment.


Open Entry/Open Exit: Start dates vary based on when you register. End dates are a fixed number of weeks after the start date. See the extensions section of the online delivery information page for more information on purchasing extensions.
Regular Session: Start dates and end dates are fixed.


Online students must request enrolment for Open Entry/Open Exit courses by the fifteenth of the month in order to start on the first of the following month. For post-secondary courses, all start dates will be on the first of the month, unless the first is during a term change. In this case, your start date will be the term start date. For term start dates, see Academic Schedule.
Your course end date will be provided on your class schedule and can be viewed in MyQuest. Ensure you are aware of your end date.

Books, skill kits, and learner guides

Purchase your books well in advance of your course start date to allow time for shipping.
The NorQuest Bookstore is located on the main floor of the Singhmar Centre for Learning. You may purchase materials:

If you choose to order your books elsewhere, you must still purchase a current version of the learner guide.

Library services

The NorQuest Learner Centre is located in 2-180, Singhmar Centre for Learning. Tools, technology, and support available for students include digital content: e-books, articles, online videos, citation help: APA and MLA, and live chat service. Library staff are available:

For library hours, visit the NorQuest College Library.
Online Learners can check out our helpful resource: Distance & Online Library Basics.

Tutorial & writing services

NorQuest has a variety of tutorial and writing services available to help you with your course work.

The Tutorial Centre

The Tutorial Centre provides help in all subject areas. Drop by the Learner Centre in 2-156 of the Singhmar Centre for Learning or make an appointment online.

The Writing Centre

The Writing Centre provides help with writing, research, and citation. Make an online appointment, and meet with a member of the writing team in person or online.

For tutorial & writing service hours, visit NorQuest College Library Services.

Computer Commons

Located in the NorQuest Learner Centre, Computer Commons provides a supportive drop-in computer resources facility for students. Computers are equipped with Microsoft Office and scanners are available. The staff provides:

  • one-on-one computer support
  • MyQuest, MyMail and Moodle support
  • wireless access support
  • student password resets
  • management of student printing quotas
Computer Commons can be reached:

For support hours, visit Computer Commons.

MyQuest and MyMail

You can access your student information on MyQuest, using the login information that was sent to your personal email account.
MyQuest can be used to:

  • check admission requirements and track application status
  • update your address, Social Insurance Number, and contact information
  • pay your tuition and fees
  • view your course enrolments and class schedule
  • access the academic advising tool to plan your program and view your progress
  • print enrolment verification documents
  • see your final grades in your courses
  • view your account balance, including tuition and other fees you owe
  • print unofficial NorQuest transcripts
  • request official transcripts
  • self-service enrolment (for applicable programs)
  • link directly to Moodle classes (if applicable)
  • apply for graduation

Every NorQuest student has a MyMail email account. NorQuest staff and instructors primarily send information to your MyMail account. It is your responsibility to check your MyMail account regularly.

All course-specific questions (about topics such as exams, marks, labs, or course content) can be directed to your instructor or program area.


Moodle is a communication hub for courses and is available prior the start of your course. Log in regularly to participate in your course(s) and to see announcements from your instructor. If you have any technical difficulties, inform your instructor and contact Computer Commons.
To access Moodle:

  • visit
  • log in using the username and password that were sent to your MyMail account
  • under My Courses, click on the course you wish to access


Note: Effective Fall 2019, course extensions will no longer be granted for Open Entry/Open Exit online courses. Students enrolled in courses in Spring/Summer 2019 will be allowed to request a course extension provided the following requirements are met.

If you cannot complete all course material and the final exam for an Open Entry/Open Exit online course by your end date, you may request an extension of 28 calendar days to complete your course. There is a cost of $75 per extension. You may have a maximum of three extensions per course, to a limit of five extensions during your program.


  • You must request an extension at least five business days before the course end date. If you do not meet this deadline, you are not eligible for an extension and will be assigned a grade based on the work you have completed by the course end date.
  • Payment must be received within seven calendar days and is subject to financial penalty, if not received within this timeframe. See Tuition & Fees Payment for payment options.
  • Only students in Open Entry/Open Exit courses may be granted an extension. If you are enrolled in a regular session online course, you are not eligible for an extension.

Request your extension by email at


Withdrawals or course drops must be requested in writing to the Office of the Registrar.

Exams, Assignments, and Marks


  • If you live within 100 kilometres of a NorQuest College campus (Edmonton Downtown, Drayton Valley, Wetaskiwin, Whitecourt), you are expected to write in person.
  • If you do not live within 100 kilometres of a NorQuest College campus, you may request to have someone else administer your exams. Exam administers must be approved by NorQuest prior to exam writing.
  • To book exams, review the college’s exam request and writing information and submit the required information by the deadlines provided.


  • Assignments must be submitted as Microsoft Word documents through Moodle. Be sure to include a title page with your course name and course instructor.
  • Hard-copy assignments are not accepted.
  • Remember to keep copies of marked assignments for your records.
  • Ensure all assignments have been submitted and marked. It is not the responsibility of the instructor to contact students regarding missing assignments.
  • All assignments must be submitted and all exams written on or before your end date.


  • Assignment marks and feedback are posted on Moodle.
  • Check MyQuest for your official final grade.
  • For all online courses, allow up to 30 business days for marks to be posted to MyQuest.

Admission and course requirements

Refer to Programs & Courses for admission and course requirements.

Students in Open Studies do not need to show that they meet admission requirements, but are responsible for ensuring they have all prerequisites for individual courses. Prerequisites will be verified by the Office of the Registrar. Open Studies students are more likely to be successful if they have an English language proficiency level that is appropriate for the program under which their courses are offered.

Program advising and financial aid

Student navigators are here to provide you advice and support with:

Contact a student navigator if you have any questions about your program or next steps. Student navigators can be reached:

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