Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar plays a central role at NorQuest College as each prospective student, applicant, student, and graduate work with staff in the Office of the Registrar throughout their student lifecycle. It is important for students to understand the role and functions of the Office of the Registrar.


Information Centre and Cashier

  • MyQuest and MyMail business service desk – assists and directs students with questions about their programs or courses encountered in MyQuest and MyMail
  • Answers the College central phone lines and disseminates general information on College processes by phone, in person and via email
  • Processes non-credit registrations
  • Processes changes to student personal data
  • Accepts and directs requests for transcripts, credential replacement, changes to registration, legal, FOIP, international, etc.
  • Billing and refunds of student accounts
  • Processes all student-related payments

Admissions and Transfer Credit

  • Processes applications for admission for all credit programs
  • Evaluates high school and post-secondary transcripts against the admission requirements of credit programs
  • Processes transfer credit and Prior Learning Assessment Recognition (PLAR)
  • Communicates with post-secondary applicants throughout the admission process
  • Makes admission decisions and issues official offers of admissions to applicants
  • Assesses the tuition deposit
  • Liaises with the International students coordinator to process international student applications
  • Liaison with the Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfers (ACAT) for all course and programs transfer agreements

Important: The Office of the Registrar is the only College department which may offer admission to an applicant.
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Enrolment and Student Records

  • Processes all credit and non-credit program and course registrations and changes to registration
  • Grade administration – maintains and monitors final grades each term
  • Graduation checking – evaluates students’ courses for credential completion and graduation eligibility
  • Produces transcripts and credentials for certificates and diplomas
  • Maintains student records and files
    • Submits and receives electronic student records to and from government
    • Manages and maintains PeopleSoft Student (including MyQuest)
    • Service Desk assistance to College students and staff
  • Fulfills student FOIP requests
  • Financial administration
    • Advises students of outstanding financial status and consequences
    • Monitors active students’ financial accounts to full payment or withdrawal
    • Note: inactive student accounts are maintained through Financial Services

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Curriculum and Calendar Administration

  • Produces the annual College credit calendar
  • Maintains all program and course approval documentation and program architecture files
  • Maintains the course catalogue (offerings, equivalencies, and requisites)
  • Liaises with academic faculties and provides expertise on all changes, additions or deletions to credit and non-credit programs and courses
  • Publishes the annual Tuition & Fees schedule through the College website
  • Collects admission requirements annually in advance of the credit calendar production schedule
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