Living, studying, and working in Canada make the internet part of everyday life. Getting information online has become such an automatic part of life that we often do not even think before doing it. But, as internet usage has increased, so has the prevalence of digital disinformation.

The aim of this project is to provide newcomers to Canada with knowledge about digital disinformation and to empower them to support family, friends, and community members in dealing with online scams, threats and misinformation.

The topics covered are based on consultations with newcomer communities and with newcomer service provider organizations. Topics include email scams, website disinformation and strategies to manage digital life. The course uses video, audio, and whiteboard animation to create an interactive and engaging set of learning tools. The materials have been developed for newcomers at CLB 4+ and are published as an open educational resource. There is an instructor manual which provides a comprehensive course description, sample PBLA tasks for use with LINC classes, and sample language extension activities. 

The material can be accessed and used through the links below by instructors and learners, with no registration required. The course materials are also available as SCORM packages for use in a learning management system. To access the SCORM package, email us at websafe@norquest.ca. For information on the research, community consultations or piloting, contact us at websafe@norquest.ca.



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