Curriculum Materials

Material developed for this project is for literacy learners at Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 3 and CLB 5. It is designed to be used in Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) classes and therefore includes portfolio-based language assessment (PBLA). The material is designed for accessibility by new or experienced instructors.


  1. Module process
    Modules go through a rigorous process to ensure appropriate level and usability. The process varies slightly by topic and developer but includes all or some of the following:
    • development by CLB/essential skills (ES) expert
    • review by LINC teacher/coordinator
    • review by PBLA expert
    • review by ES expert
    • initial piloting
  2. Module components
    Modules vary in size, but average 30-40 hours of learning activities. The components of the curriculum modules include:
    • module plan
    • lesson plan
    • needs assessment
    • pre-/post-checklist of skills
    • learning activities include:
      • handouts, PowerPoint presentations, audio files and Internet resources
      • skill building and skill using activities
      • list of recommended additional skill building resources
    • PBLA tasks
    • reflection activities including learner self-reflections, goal setting, checklists, etc.
  1. Module topics:

    Complete this form to download the curriculum materials for the various modules. Upon submission, links will be displayed to download the file for the modules available (displayed by checkmarks below).

Title CLB 3 CLB 5
Introduction to Work
Who Am I in the World of Work    
Employment Goals    
Job Search    
Application Forms    
Resume & Cover Letter    
Workplace Safety Basics    
Workplace Culture    
On the Job Basics 1    
On the Job Basics 2    
Introduction to Customer Service    
Introduction to Service Support – Non-Food    
Introduction to Service Support – Food    
Introduction to Sales Support    
First Aid Basics    

Project Leads:

Lisa Rochman, Associate Dean
Faculty of Foundational, Career, & Intercultural Studies
NorQuest College

Kim Chaba, Instructor
Faculty of Foundational, Career, & Intercultural Studies
NorQuest College

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