Industrial Hemp

Through a series of online courses taught by industry veterans such as process engineers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and farmers, you will learn about the industrial hemp industry and the information needed to become an entrepreneur, develop a new product, or start farming.

What to expect from the program

The rapidly growing market demand for high-quality industrial hemp products means NorQuest College's Industrial Hemp program is ideal for those who want to become entrepreneurs, business owners, or who are farmers looking to farm hemp.

​The Hemp Farmer course will teach you:

  • the impact of location and climate on farming hemp
  • the economics of hemp production for different end uses
  • planning and production strategies
  • crop management for organic and conventional crops
  • harvest management for different end uses
  • tips about harvesting hemp from farmers located in different geographic climates across Canada

The Hemp Processing and Products course will teach you:

  • how to differentiate between cannabis and hemp
  • the history of hemp in North America
  • industrial Hemp Regulations and licenses in Canada
  • understanding how farming can impact end product quality
  • how to effectively process hemp seeds, fibers, and flowers used for food, clothing, and other products
  • tips about launching a hemp business from CRAiLAR FTI, HempCo, BioComposites Group, Cosmetics by Katakami, and Just Bio Fiber.

Courses within the Industrial Hemp program

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Hemp Farmer

This course is comprised of 5 modules, each being 1 hour in length and delivered as an online course. Throughout this course, students will learn about key topics including: The impact of location...

Lecture: 5 hours

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Hemp Processing and Products

This course is comprised of 8 modules, each 30 minutes in duration and delivered as an online course. Hemp Processing and Products will teach students how to differentiate between cannabis and hemp...

Lecture: 4 hours

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