Business Administration to Bachelor of Commerce

Graduates from NorQuest College’s Business Administration diploma with an accounting specialization can now apply for a transfer to The King’s University and earn a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

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Pathway into a Bachelor of Commerce

Have you completed or are a current student in NorQuest’s Business Administration program with a specialization in accounting? You now have the opportunity to gain two academic credentials: after achieving your diploma at NorQuest, you can continue your education at The King’s University and earn a Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) degree.

Credit transferability

Once you complete your two-year diploma at NorQuest, you can apply to The King’s University and enter Year 3 of their BComm program. Your accounting credits will transfer over, and you’ll explore electives in a variety of topics, including leadership, human resources, marketing, entrepreneurship, and more.

Become a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA)

In order to become a CPA in Alberta, you must have a degree, complete the CPA Professional Education Program, complete thirty months of practical work experience, and pass the Common Final Examination. This university transfer opportunity brings you much closer to accomplishing your goal.

For more information on becoming a CPA visit the Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta.

  • Increase your earning potential

    According to the CPA Profession Compensation Study Results, CPAs in Alberta earn a median wage of $153K per year.

  • Advance your accounting career

    As a CPA, you can experience a larger range of responsibilities and continue to advance your career.

  • Explore a new career path

    If you’re thinking of pivoting into a new career, this is the perfect opportunity to learn new transferable skills.

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The laddering from NorQuest to King's BComm provides an exciting opportunity for students to increase their depth of knowledge in Business, develop advanced skills, and gain credentials to access higher paying jobs. Completing a Bachelor's program demonstrates dedication and the ability to accomplish long-term goals, all of which are valued by employers. I'm very excited to welcome NorQuest students to The King's University community.

—Michael Ferber, Dean of the Leder School of Business, The King’s University

About The King’s University

Similar to NorQuest, The King’s University offers small class sizes, an inclusive environment, and student support services. You can continue your education while learning directly from your professors and making close connections with classmates.

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Frequently asked questions

I didn’t specialize in accounting. Can I still benefit from this transfer opportunity?

Absolutely! Students who complete their first year of general Business Administration courses can apply to Year 2 of a Bachelor of Commerce at The King’s University.

What courses will I need to take at The King’s University?

Since you will have the accounting courses needed to graduate, you will only need to take core business or general business courses. Below is an example of some of the courses you can pursue. For the full BComm course list, please visit this page.

  • INST 200 (0.5) – Interdisciplinary Perspectives
  • BUSI 200 (3) – Introduction to Business
  • BUSI 320 (3) – Statistics for Business
  • BUSI 489 (2) – Internship Preparation
  • HIST 204 (3) – World History
  • BUSI 396 (3) – Introduction to Marketing
  • BUSI 391 (3) – Statistics for Business II
  • PHIL 230 (3) – Introduction to Philosophy
  • BUSI 367 (3) – Environmentally & Socially Sustainable Business
  • BUSI 471 (3) – Business Strategy
  • BUSI 420 (3) – Business Ethics
  • BUSI 496 (3) – Senior Business Project
How long will it take to complete my BComm degree?

If you specialized in accounting during NorQuest’s Business Administration program and take a full course load at King’s, it will take you two years to complete your BComm as a full-time student.

However, if you enroll as a part-time student, the length of the program will vary depending on your course load. Flexible study options are available.

I’d like to speak with someone about this opportunity. Who should I contact?

A NorQuest Student Advisor can help you decide whether this opportunity is a good fit for your career goals. You can email your questions to or call the Student Services Desk at 780.644.6130 for Advisor availability.

How many graduation years back does this opportunity extend?

Great question! This laddering opportunity covers the 2022 and 2023 academic year and beyond. If you graduated before these years, you can reach out to King's University at