Assisting Clients I - ASCL 1000

This course is a combination of theory and lab-based hands-on skills. Students will acquire the knowledge and abilities required by a recreation therapy assistant (RTA) to deliver safe and competent services to clients, including mobility, nutrition, and personal care. Students will learn the skills required to implement safe and effective client care and the proper use of equipment within the RTA scope of practice. They will also become proficient in observation and planning with regard to anticipating client care needs.

Note: Prerequisites: COMM 1001, RHAB 1001, WELL 1000 Restricted to Therapeutic Recreation

Term Duration Schedule Class Section Open Studies


Spring May 8 - Jun 9, 2023 Wed: 12:30 - 03:30 pm
Mon: 08:00 - 11:00 am
20965 A01 No
Term Duration Schedule Class Section Open Studies


Winter Jan 9 - Apr 28, 2023 11616 O01 No
Spring May 8 - Jun 30, 2023 20968 O01 No

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