Academic Language Skills for Health Care Aide I - BHCA 1205

This course will support the academic progression and success of learners transitioning into the Health Care Aide (HCA) program. Students will receive ongoing assistance with academic vocabulary development, further develop advanced reading strategies, and learn test-taking strategies. Analyzing passages from the HCA textbook will allow students to develop the academic reading skills required to evaluate ideas, identify text organization, and interpret information presented in formatted text. Further development of academic vocabulary will complement prior medical terminology learning to ensure that these terms can be understood in context. Finally, students will learn test-taking strategies that will help them achieve success in both the HCA program and the HCA certification exam. Students will be able to access customized supports related to specific academic challenges they are facing in the HCA program.  This course is designed to be taken in Term 2 of the Health Care Aide for English Language Learners program.

Note: Restricted to HCA for ELL

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