Value Improvement Program (VIP) Service Levels

The Value Improvement Program (VIP) services can be delivered in three ways:

  1. Self Service – training is provided by VIP Process Improvement Consultant(s) or through publicly available courses. The project teams or individuals facilitate their project, produce the deliverables and implement the business solutions. The VIP team may provide Quality Assurance review as required.

    Recommended for: Just-Do-It projects (project time: up to three months)

  1. Facilitated Service – training and facilitation are provided by VIP Process Improvement Consultant(s). The cross functional project teams produce the deliverables and implement the business solutions (i.e. “Collaboratives”).

    Recommended for: Rapid Improvement Projects (project time: three-five months)

  1. Full Service – training, facilitation and project delivery is fully supported by VIP Process Improvement Consultant(s). The cross functional collaborative project teams implement the business solutions.  Full service support may be customized as required.

    Recommended for:

    • Innovation Design Projects (project time: 12+ months)
    • Complex Cross Functional Projects (project time: five-12 months)


What makes NorQuest training different?

Breadth and Depth

We offer training and consultation services across a broad spectrum of disciplines and methodologies. We have the ability to combine

  • Lean Six Sigma,
  • Business Process Management,
  • Business Analysis,
  • Change Management, and
  • Project Management

skills into integrated programs in order to establish a more comprehensive solution. Furthermore, we offer assessment service and project site support to ensure project success.


With non-credit continuing education courses or customized training solutions developed with NorQuest College Business Development, at your location or at NorQuest College, we have a solution that will meet your needs.


Our publicly-scheduled courses are competitively priced and often include volume incentives. Course modules can be combined from a variety of sources to develop a program that is tailored to your organization’s needs.


We provide a single point of contact who is accountable for the overall satisfaction of your training experience. We offer 3 levels of services, tailored to meet your organization’s needs:

  • Self service
  • Facilitated service
  • Full service


We are partnered with several credible training providers in our course delivery. All students will receive a certificate of completion upon successful completion of the training and will be able to immediately apply newly learned skills to your job.


All of our instructors are accomplished real-world practitioners and subject matter experts in their disciplines.

Learn More

Download our introductory Landmark Group Centre for Value Improvement brochure (1.1MB pdf) to learn more about the Centre, our services, training and VIP benefits.