Custom Training

Custom Training for Fire & Safety

Our custom training is designed to meet your needs. We offer flexible delivery which means online, in person, at your office, at the college, or at another convenient location. Most importantly, our program officers work with industry to bring relevant, accurate, and in demand training to you. We will assess your needs or you can tell us what you need, then we work together to build the training.

The following section outlines custom training we have developed for our clients.

Custom Training Cost:

The cost of custom training depends on the level of service and delivery. Typical training costs range from $2500 to $5000 per individual. The cost depends on training requirements, locations, and certification opportunities for IFSAC and Pro Board.

Custom Training Locations:

Theoretical training is completed online. The physical and practical training is completed at a designated and approved training facility.

Custom Training for Fire & Safety

Custom Rope Rescue & Hazardous Materials

This training is a accustom version of our existing Rope Rescue and hazardous materials training, modified to meet the specific requirements of the client. Our clients was in immediate need to train their on-site industrial firefighters.

Rope Rescue: The rope rescue training focuses on the specialized equipment and procedures in various real-world scenarios involving technical rope rescue. Through extensive hands-on exercises, you will learn to apply the skills, knowledge, and techniques required to use various rope systems to perform rope rescues. Topics include directing a team in the operation of a simple-rope mechanical advantage system in a high-angle raising operation; directing a lowering operation in a high-angle environment; constructing a multiple-point anchor system; constructing a compound-rope mechanical advantage system; constructing a fixed-rope system; directing the operation of a compound-rope mechanical advantage system in a high-angle environment; ascending a fixed rope in a high-angle environment; and descending a fixed rope in a high-angle environment.

Hazardous Materials: This course reviews hazardous materials and incidents or emergencies with weapons of mass destruction. This course stresses how personnel can protect themselves, initiate proper responses, and secure the area. Those who complete this training will be able to respond to incidents involving hazardous materials or weapons of mass destruction incidents with the goal of protecting nearby persons, the environment, or property from the effect of the release. In addition, you will learn to use personal protective equipment and implement product control measures.

Training Cost:

Custom Training costs depends on the level of service, the course duration, number of instructors, evaluation manpower and delivery methodology. Typical training costs range from $2000 to $5000 per individual.


This particular training will be facilitated at TEEX Texas A&M in Texas, Houston, USA or a designed and approved training facility.

Railcar Safety

  • Price $4518.00
  • The railcar safety course is for those emergency responders dealing with incidents involving the transportation of dangerous goods by railway. Through classroom and practical skills training the student will learn all aspects of assessment, clean-up, and post-emergency response.
  • Call for training dates and training location
  • or 780.644.6480

Maximize your corporate training budget

Many of NorQuest College's corporate training programs qualify for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant, which pays two-thirds of eligible training costs. Contact us for more information.