Hayley Jackson

Hayley Jackson

A step toward the future

Like many students nearing the end of high school, Hayley Jackson was unsure about what would come next.

The grade 12 student wasn't sure about what exactly she wanted to do with her life, but knew she wanted to continue her studies after graduating. That's when Hayley discovered NorQuest College's Arts and Sciences program, which allowed her to take some time to think about her goals while still making progress on her future.

"The program is general enough to give me options for my future and gave me a chance to boost my marks for admission into university without the need for upgrading", said Hayley.

"The program was enjoyable and felt like a good introduction to learning at a post-secondary level. The classes were aligned nicely and I completed most of my first-year classes for a Bachelor of Science degree. The class sizes aren’t too large, which means you get a more personalized experience."

Hayley is now studying at the University of Alberta, where she is completing the second year of her Bachelor of Science degree, with a goal of pursuing a career in genetic counselling.

"NorQuest’s Arts and Sciences program is a great stepping stone into university. I can honestly say that I don’t think I’d be studying at the University of Alberta currently without taking this program", said Hayley. "I would’ve had to complete a year of upgrading first, but with this program you get your first year done in either arts or sciences without wasting any time or money!"