Ping Ju

Ping Ju

Ping Ju knew what she wanted when she enrolled in NorQuest College’s Day Home Provider program in 2009: to open the best day home Edmonton has ever seen.

“I saw a NorQuest advertisement about the Day Home Provider program and I thought this is a way I can open my own business.”

Today, three years after graduating from NorQuest, Ju has followed in the footsteps of 95% of NorQuest graduates who either get a job in their field of study or continue on with their education. She now holds a Childhood Development Supervisor’s certificate – the highest day home certificate available in the province - after completing her studies at Edmonton’s CDI College.

She credits her NorQuest experience as the reason she was able to attain her latest honours.

“Writing and speaking English was really hard for me,” says Ju, who came to Canada from China in 1997. “At NorQuest I got a lot of help to improve my English, and I learned how to work with children. NorQuest gave me a lot of confidence. If I had not come to NorQuest for those 10 months I would have had to quit CDI.”

Her immediate focus is to find work as an employee of a daycare centre before starting her own day home.

“By gaining even more experience I can open the best day home in Edmonton.”