Erin Babcock

Erin Babcock

Former NorQuest practical nurse student Erin Babcock in a 2013 1000 Women: A Million Possibilities promotional photo with her daughter.

Crossing the floor from health care to politics

Following graduation in 2013, NorQuest College practical nurse alumna Erin Babcock thought she was in the best position possible to help make a difference.

A nurse and a mother, she was providing for her children while at the same time being a source of care and comfort for patients at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

That was until a dinner conversation in the winter of 2015. A remark from a friend resulted in her taking her responsibilities to an even higher level, going from frontline health care worker and mom, to provincial legislator and, of course, still a mother.

“It was just one of those supper conversations,” says the 35-year-old. “I was having guests over and a friend of mine who has been an NDP organizer for some time said to me, ‘Erin, I think you should run.’”

Thanks to that conversation, Babcock is now the NDP MLA for Stony Plain, presiding in a house where her expertise will be valuable and her decisions will affect the lives of millions of people.

“I have worked hard to become the very best nurse I could be,” she says. “And I have worked very hard to be a good mom. Now I feel I can advocate for our health care system and that means so much to me.”