Clark Castello

Clark Castello

Learn as a team and grow as an individual

NorQuest graduate Clark Castello wanted more than just a career when he enrolled in the college’s Practical Nurse program – he wanted personal growth.

“My whole goal is to one day continue my education and earn my registered nurse degree. I now know that is something that can happen. NorQuest helped with my confidence. I will always remember what NorQuest did for me.”

Today, he is a licensed practical nurse at Edmonton’s Royal Alexandria Hospital where working as a team is integral to patient care. It is that attention to teamwork where a NorQuest graduate really stands out. The concept is built into every aspect of learning at the college.

“I do know from experience that NorQuest offers small classes. That was important to me. I wanted to be treated more like a student and not just a number. And the instructors want to get to know you on a personal level. They believed in their students, gave me my confidence and a great support system.”

In the fall of 2017, Castello began the next step in his learning en route to his ultimate goal of becoming an RN. With the full backing of his employer he enrolled in a perioperative nursing course that, upon completion, will allow him to work in the operating room.

“I believe I can do it,” he says emphatically. “I know I have a great background in terms of my education.”
Looking even further down his career path, Castello sees himself as more that simply a frontline health care provider. In his eyes, helping doesn’t just mean being in the operating room. He wants to advocate on behalf of patients. His passion for such work was initiated as a member of NorQuest’s Academic Council in his graduating year.

“At that time I chose to be on Academic Council because I wanted to be a voice for my fellow students. From that experience, it helped me improve my leadership skills. I can totally use those skills in my job right now.”