Alpana Pradhan

Alpana Pradhan

I am happy to share my story from being a student to an employee at NorQuest College. It has been such a wonderful journey since coming to Canada more than 13 years ago and being with the college for more than 10 years.

Originally from Nepal, my family and I lived in Scotland and Malaysia before deciding on our final move to Canada. Like most people, we moved for better opportunity but more so for even better prospects for our two girls so that they can stand on their own feet. After more than thirteen years I can say that we are closer to our dream. Our older daughter studied to be a Doctor of Optometry and is already working. The younger one will be graduating as a medical doctor (MD) by 2015. My husband and I are proud parents for achieving what we came here for. What more can a parent ask!

In the year 2000, we landed in Vancouver where we lived for few months, but had to make a move again. My husband, who is a highway design engineer, got an offer; thus his work brought us here to Edmonton, the ever-growing city with lots of opportunity. Once we started to settle down, I felt I needed to get involved in something, as both my girls were busy with studies and my husband busy with work.

I was very unsure of what to do until I heard about NorQuest College’s Office Administration Program. The very first communication with staff was so impressive that I enrolled myself into the course right away. Throughout the program the teachers and the associated staff were very helpful and caring. Being an older adult student, I was very nervous all the time and I didn’t ever miss a class. I even got a certificate for ‘Perfect Attendance.’ I used to ask lots of questions, but our teacher never failed to give attention. I still keep in touch with my instructors.

On graduating from the course, I got hired into a four-month casual position in the college as a curriculum formatter. I felt very fortunate and excited to get a job in the college where I’d studied. Luckily my short-term position moved on to be a term employment. And few years later I was a permanent staff member of the college. Currently, I am in Curriculum Development as a Curriculum Project Assistant. I feel privileged to be in a department where every individual, from the manager to the co-workers, is very understanding and supportive. I strongly feel that everyone can learn new skills and a variety of work, but you have to be fortunate to be amongst people who make your working environment pleasant so that you enjoy doing the work, even when it is difficult and you have a lot of projects to complete. We have developed such a friendly relationship in my work area that I even call them my NorQuest family.

Recently, my role has changed slightly. I am still with Curriculum Development, but physically I am stationed on the 8th floor reception area. I assist with basic reception work, which helps develop my communication skills and how to deal with people from all walks of life. So I can say I am still in a learning phase. At first I was uncertain about the move, but now I’ve come to love my dual role in the college.

You have to give your best and in turn you will receive even more. That is what I feel I have found in the college. I’d like to thank everyone for their continued help and support. I am proud to be working here in the college: NorQuest College.