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January 31, 2020

Forgotten experiences of residential schools coming to NorQuest College

A travelling exhibit focusing on some lesser-known experiences of the residential school system is coming to Edmonton.

January 31, 2020        
Forgotten experiences of residential schools coming to NorQuest College

Forgotten: The Métis Residential School Experience gives voice to the lived experiences of Métis children as they were admitted, treated, and discharged in Canada’s residential schools. While the Métis were subject to much of the same church- and government-controlled education as First Nations and Inuit children, differing jurisdiction and attitudes towards the people often resulted in very different experiences in residential schools.

Renowned Métis poet, professor, activist, and artist Gregory Scofield introduced the exhibit he and an expert Métis advisory group helped to curate at an event held at NorQuest College on January 31, 2020.

“As Canada continues to grapple with the impacts of the residential school system, it’s important we understand the stories of the Métis schoolchildren whose unique experiences make up part of that history,” says Conor Kerr, manager, Indigenous Relations & Supports at NorQuest College. “We are truly honoured to host Gregory Scofield and this powerful and fascinating exhibit. Gregory and his team do a remarkable job of documenting this tragic, but important era in Canadian history.”

Forgotten: The Métis Residential School Experience was developed by the Legacy of Hope Foundation in collaboration with curator Gregory Scofield and advisors Maria Campbell, Brenda MacDougall, Christi Belcourt, and Guy Freedman, as well as researcher Tricia Logan. Visitors are welcome to tour the exhibit during operating hours of the college through February 2020. Classes or groups may book guided walkthroughs by contacting indigenous@norquest.ca.



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