2021 Health Care Aide Conference

October 22, 2021 9:00 am - 2:00 pm


2021 Health Care Aide Conference

The NorQuest College Health Care Aide Conference presented by CLPNA and the Alberta HCA Directory.

The theme for this year’s conference will be “Caring for HCAs”. We want HCAs in attendance to walk away from the conference feeling appreciated and valued. A big part of the conference will be showing recognition and expressing gratitude to the HCAs.

We are asking for employers and peers to provide us something that shows recognition to your colleagues and staff. We are looking for short stories, comments, photos, etc. that show value to individual HCAs or HCA teams that we can share to the audience throughout the day.

If you know HCAs that deserve recognition at the conference, email us at HCA.Conference@norquest.ca with some details you would like to share!

This professional development day includes three educational sessions:

Emcee: Brenda Robinson

Gina Baretta – Grief in the Workplace: How to Take Care of the Self and Others

Bio: Gina Baretta is a Mental Health Therapist, Director of People & Culture and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist at The Grief and Trauma Healing Centre. She specializes in supporting people through grief and trauma specifically relationship loss, death of a loved one, self-esteem and chronic pain.

Tammy Dunnett - Creating a More Peaceful Workplace (so you don’t have to cry in the car anymore)

Bio: Tammy Dunnett, is an ex-target of workplace bullying turned communication coach supporting psychologically safe workplaces. As the CEO and Founder of Relationship Revolution, Tammy is on a mission to change the way relationship is done, one conversation at a time. She helps women who want more out of their careers and life to get out from under the negative effects of chronic conflict and bullying so they can reclaim their reputation, put their careers back on track, and get back to living a peaceful and productive life.

Friday Lanas - How to live effectively.

Self-care is about self-management to be able to live optimally.

Bio: Friday Lanas completed her Registered Nursing education in Philippines, and completed a Master’s degree in Nursing and Doctorate degree in Management. She has worked as a licensed practical nurse here in Alberta, becoming certified in Prosci Change Management and becoming a certified psychological safety adviser. She has 11 years in health care management, and has helped in strategic planning for three different companies with an emphasis on employee engagement. She is married with three children, and she currently works for Alberta Health Services as a site manager for two facilities.


Deadline to register is Thursday, October 21, 2021.

Registration Cost (incl GST): $20.00 - includes live interaction, a certificate of attendance, and your name entered into draw for a free ticket to the 2022 HCA Conference.

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